Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 953

Chapter 953: Conclusion (4)

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Chapter 953: Conclusion (4)

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Back then, she was so ruthless, and never thought of leaving any leeway between them. If they started again now, she would be the first to turn her back on him.

In Beijing, she was actually tempted a few times.

Perhaps because she was old now, she had lost a little of her impulsiveness and courage.

Just like now, she really wanted to give him a call, and yet she...

At that thought, Song Xiangsi suddenly heard the doot-doot sound from the phone, and snapped back to her senses. Then, she heard a familiar voice. "Hello?"

Her eyes quivered when she realized that she had unthinkingly called Xu Jiamu's number.

"May I ask who's calling?" The sound of Xu Jiamu came from the phone again.

Song Xiangsi involuntarily wanted to hang up, but that's when she heard him speak again. This time, his voice sounded a little gloomy. "Xiangsi?"

Her heart suddenly skipped a beat, as she held her phone, not knowing what to do.

"Xiangsi, it's you, right?" As Xu Jiamu spoke again, she heard the sound of him getting up from his bed. She raised her head and glanced over at the clock on the wall. At three in the afternoon in America, it was deep in the night in China.

Did she wake him up?

Xu Jiamu was very patient. He wasn't the least bit annoyed that she called but didn't want to say a thing. Over the phone, it sounded like he lit a cigarette and blew faint rings of smoke. Then he spoke again with his captivating voice. "Why did you call and now aren't saying anything?

"Did something happen?

"Are you listening? Xiangsi?"

With great difficulty, Song Xiangsi held back her tears from falling. She tried hard to control her emotions, but she still managed to crack a sob. She was afraid that Xu Jiamu would find out something was wrong. Without a second thought, she quickly hung up.

Repeatedly, her phone rang. It was Xu Jiamu calling, but she didn't pick up the call. She just shrank into the sofa, and stared at her flashing phone screen.

Xu Jiamu called about a dozen times, before he finally stopped.

The room fell particularly quiet. Song Xiangsi helplessly put her head between her knees.


At nine in the evening, her eyes started to swell up. She gave Jiang Licheng a call and told him not to bring Little Red Bean back today.

At night, she nestled in bed on her own, watching TV to almost one in the morning, before she groggily fell asleep.

The next day, when it was light out, she was woken up by a knock at the door. When she climbed out of bed, she stretched yesterday's graze. The pain abruptly woke her up. She thought Little Red Bean might've started to cry and had a tantrum for being away from her for too long, so Jiang Licheng sent her back. With that, she hurriedly ran out, quickly opened the door, and cried out "Little Red Bean", but saw a worn out Xu Jiamu at the door.

A flash of disbelief came into her eyes. Slightly gaping, and stared at the man beyond the door. After a long while, she forced herself to say, "How are you here?"

Xu Jiamu didn't answer her questions but looked her up and down. "Did something happen to you?"