Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 951

Chapter 951: Conclusion (2)

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Chapter 951: Conclusion (2)

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In the morning, it was Xu Jiamu who took Little Rice Cake to kindergarten. The boy sulked the whole way there.

If it were before, Xu Jiamu would've definitely teased Little Rice Cake, but Song Xiangsi was going back to America today. Every now and then he was a little agitated, let alone in the mood to tease the kid.

When they reached the entrance to the kindergarten, Little Rice Cake dragged his book bag, and said "Bye bye, uncle", then pushed the car door open by himself.

Xu Jiamu went over to him, and saw a fruit box on the car seat. Inside, there was a big red apple. He prompted the kid, "Don't forget your apple."

Little Rice Cake starred at him, and with a lifeless voice said, "Uncle, I left this apple in the car on purpose."


Little Rice Cake's shoulders instantly fell, and with a deeply bitter expression on his face, he said, "Because I bought this apple for Little Red Bean, but she has to go back to America with her mom and dad today..."

Xu Jiamu's face turned pale when he heard Little Rice Cake's last words. He tightened his grip onto his keys.

Little Rice Cake didn't even notice something off about him, and shook his head distraught, then let out a glum sigh. He dragged his book bag and walked over to the kindergarten.

Xu Jiamu sat in his car numbed for half an hour, before he started the car up and headed for the office.

In the early afternoon, he looked no different from usual. He had meetings and handled paperwork. When he came to the end of his busy period, the secretary suddenly said, "Chief Xu, it's already twelve in the afternoon. What would you like to have for lunch?"

"Half past twelve?" muttered Xu Jiamu, then fell silent.

The secretary waited for a long while, but he didn't make a sound. She left the lunch menu on his desk and silently left.

It was like someone had pressed Xu Jiamu's pressure points. He didn't move an inch from his seat for a long long time. Then, he looked over to the upper left corner of the computer screen. It was one o'clock. Song Xiangsi's plane had taken off by now.

Xu Jiamu turned his head, and stared out at the skies through the window with desolate eyes. After a long while had passed, he slowly closed them, and laid on the table.


In the blink of an eye, Song Xiangsi had been back in America for half a year now. Everything was going well for her, and her days were no different from before she went back for her father. However, her month in China seemed like one long dream.

In the weekend, Jiang Licheng's son, Qiao En missed school. Jiang Licheng took the two kids out.

Song Xiangsi wanted to go too, but unluckily for her, she found out that she was on her period in the morning. Perhaps it was because she rushed around China and America, she had period pains, and so she stayed at home on her own. After Little Red Bean left with Jiang Licheng and Qiao En, she went back to the bedroom, and took a nap. When she woke up again, it was almost noon.

Song Xiangsi quickly whipped up some food to calm her stomach, then started to tidy up the toys Little Red Bean had thrown in the living room. When she was almost finished cleaning up, she pulled out a card from underneath the sofa.

It was a gleaming gold business card made of excellent material. Three large characters in calligraphy came to view: Xu Jiamu.