Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 950

Chapter 950: Conclusion (1)

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Chapter 950: Conclusion (1)

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Song Xiangsi stood silently. After having waited for who knows how long, she finally saw the lights of Xu Jiamu's office turn off. Then after about five minutes, she saw him come out of Xu Enterprise tower.

Security handed him the keys to his car, and helped him open his car door. He lowered into the seat, quickly started the car up, and left.

Xu Jiamu's car was nowhere in sight, yet Song Xiangsi still foolishly stood a distance away. Suddenly, she came back to her senses when the phone in her pocket rang.

It was Jiang Licheng calling to check up why she wasn't home yet.

When Song Xiangsi hung up, she glanced over at the time. It was a quarter past midnight. She had stood there, unexpectedly, for two hours, and in that time, she only saw the silhouette of him for merely ten seconds.

There was still thirteen hours before she had to go back to America.

Before then, she at least got to see him. Even though it was just a glance from afar, it was still something worth being happy about, wasn't it?


Song Xiangsi returned to Su Yuan apartments at almost one in the morning. Jiang Licheng was dozing off on the sofa. When he heard the sound of the doorbell, he immediately woke up. He furrowed his brows when he saw an exhausted looking Song Xiangsi. "Why are you back so late?"

"No reason." Song Xiangsi calmly shook her head, then headed for the bedroom. She opened the door, and glanced at Little Red Bean sleeping soundly on the bed, then quietly closed the door. "I'm really sorry to make you stay with Little Red Bean for so long today."

"It's no problem." Jiang Licheng picked up his jacket, got up, and just as he walked over to the entrance to change his shoes, ready to leave, he added, "Are you all packed?"

"Yeah." Song Xiangsi nodded flatly.

"Then I'll come over and pick you both up tomorrow at eleven."

After Song Xiangsi saw him out, she collapsed onto the sofa. She stared at the glistening lights outside the window, and felt stifled by her heavy heart.


Song Xiangsi barely slept that night. Little Red Bean woke up before seven, so she ate breakfast with her and played with her for a while before she started to pack her suitcase.

She had lived back in China for no more than over a month, and yet she seemed to have bought so many things. She shoved all of it into three full suitcases before she was finally done.

At eleven, Jiang Licheng knocked on the door right on time. He first took the suitcases down, then went back up to carry Little Red Bean.

The road to the airport was clear. They reached the airport at twenty to twelve, then went through check-in and baggage check. Just before security check, Song Xiangsi received her plane ticket. She glanced behind her, looking like she was contemplating something.

"Xiangsi? Xiangsi?" Having already passed the safety check, Jiang Licheng saw her frozen in her place and couldn't help but prompt her, "What's on your mind?"

Song Xiangsi snapped back to her senses and shook her head at him. She handed her passport, ID card, and plane ticket.


Little Rice Cake had been sulking ever since he came home yesterday. He didn't really eat dinner, and had been sitting in the playroom since the early morning. No matter how Qiao Anhao and Madam Chen tried to cheer him up, he would just silently play with his wooden blocks.

The next day, Little Rice Cake was as he usually was. He woke up early, knocked on Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian's room, then cried for them to get up and take him to kindergarten.