Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 948

Chapter 948: Continuation(29)

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Chapter 948: Continuation29

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Song Xiangsi remembered how when she had shown him the abortion document, he flew into a rage, smashing the furniture. At that moment, he looked as though he wanted to strangle her.

He also said that from that moment onward, they would be strangers with nothing between them.

At that time, she thought that everything was over...

She always thought that the both of them would just end like that.

But the date on the tombstone was from three years ago.

Did that mean that in the past three years, Xu Jiamu had never once forgotten about the child he thought she aborted?

Even thought the child wasn't aborted, the sight of the tombstone sent tears streaming down her face.

Even though Jiang Licheng loved Little Red Bean, he was, after all, not her biological father, so Little Red Bean wasn't able to feel genuine fatherly love even after two and a half years. Deep into the night, the thought would always sadden Song Xiangsi.

But now she knew... Little Red Bean never once lacked fatherly love, Xu Jiamu has always kept her in his thoughts...

"He said, he really wanted you to see the Xu Jiamu from the past, as it would be the only way you could see your influence.

"He also said that you used eight years to change him into the Xu Jiamu now, so he wasn't able to use everything you taught him on another woman."

Yang Sisi had already cried the entire day, so why did she feel so much worse now?

It was bad... She must really love Xu Jiamu... Even though it was just a short month, even though he struggled and failed to let her into his life, she never expected him to sink so deep into her life...

"There's more, he also said that when he bought a ring to propose to you, you ended up giving him an abortion letter..."

Did Xu Jiamu really love her? The man that she had been in-love with for so many years loved her...

At that instant, she burst into tears.

"I'll wait for you at the foot of the mountain." Yang Sisi took two steps back before running downhill.

Only when Song Xiangsi could no longer hear her footsteps did she start crying.

It was a windless night, the cemetery was dead silent, so only Song Xiangsi's sobbing could be heard.

The cemetery caretaker came down from the mountaintop when he heard cries, but when he saw Song Xiangsi kneeling in front of the tomb without any photo, he unknowingly blurted out, "Oh, it's the empty grave."

Song Xiangsi lifted her head, drying away the tears on her face haphazardly before turning.

The caretaker was an elderly man. "This is an empty grave, a man would come by often. You're the only other person that has visited this grave. Every time that man came, he would stay for a really long time, talking to himself, on and on... Oh, Ive also seen him crying by the tomb He said something along the lines of - I miss your mother... Hah, I'm getting old now, my ears aren't that good now, I cant hear that clearly anymore..."

He shook his head and headed down the mountain.