Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 946

Chapter 946: Continuation(27)

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Chapter 946: Continuation27

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How deep did her feelings had to be that she would feel such an immense pain in her heart?

Tears streamed down Yang Sisis face, and in the end, she started to sob.

The cab driver sped on under the blazing sun. Through the rear mirror, he caught sight of her, and passed a tissue over. "Broke up?"

"Mmh. Yea, I broke up."

"Waaa," she sobbed out loud. As she cried, she rambled to the driver, "He was the one who hurt me, but somehow I don't fault him at all, my heart is even aching for him.

"I'm no Mother Theresa, when people bully me, I would curse them, but surprisingly, this time I hope he would find happiness. Every time I think of how alone hell be, I feel unbearable pain..."

Yang Sisi wiped her red nose with a tissue, turning to look at the driver. "Sir, let me ask you, if you love someone, won't you want them to live a better life?

"I always believed that these were hypocritical words, only found in books, but now I really hope that he would live a better life.

"Sir, don't you find me quite dumb?

"Sir, in what way am I not good enough?

"Sir, he will definitely regret not being with me, right?

"Sir, I'm called Yang Sisi, not Song Xiangsi.

"Ahahahah... Sir, I'm not going to the hospital anymore, bring me to EX building."


Today afternoon was Song Xiangsi's last shoot. It ended a little late, hence when she came out of the EX building, it was already 8 pm.

Jiang Licheng was home with Little Red Bean. When he had fetched the kid from kindergarten, he had driven the car away, so she stood by the street waiting for a cab.

EX building was in a deserted area. After a long while, she finally managed to hail a cab but the minute she entered it, before she could say her destination, the cab door opened once again. Someone entered and interrupted her, "Sir, the cemetery in the Western Suburbs."

"Sir, I would like to go to Su Yuan apartment..." Before Song Xiangsi could finish her sentence, she took in the person beside her.

Yang Sisi.

Xu Jiamu's girlfriend.

What was she doing here?

Song Xiangsi frowned.

The driver didn't drive off, instead he asked, "Are you two together?"

"Yes," Yang Sisi replied. She then added, "The cemetery in the Western Suburbs."


EX building was close to the cemetery. In about an hour, they reached their destination.

Yang Sisi told the driver to wait for them at the entrance before glancing at Song Xiangsi, who was still in the car. "Aren't you coming out?"

After about a seconds hesitation, she asked, "Miss Yang, why did you bring me here?"

"I didn't want to bring you here, but at the same time, I wanted to bring you here, henceI decided to bring you over," Yang Sisi blurted out.