Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 942

Chapter 942: Continuation(23)

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Chapter 942: Continuation23

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"No," Xu Jiamu replied calmly. He paused for about five seconds before adding, "Do you remember what you said on the first night we met?

"You said that I looked like someone with a story." He gave a self-deprecating laugh. "If you consider someone that hurt a woman for eight years a person with a story, I could be considered one."

He stood up and grabbed the phone and car keys on the table. "Haven't you always wanted to hear my story? Let's go, I'll let you take a look at it."


Xu Jiamu brought Yang Sisi to the cemetery and pointed to the tombstone without any photo. "This is my story."

Yang Sisi was clearly startled but she didn't speak, she knew that he was going to continue.

"This is my child, the child that left this world before I could find out the gender," he said after a long pause. He stared at the tomb with tenderness, but his entire body seemed to be emitting sorrow and pain.

"Is this your and Song Xiangsi's child?" This was the first time she had mentioned her name.

"Yes," Xu Jiamu admitted without hesitation.

Yang Sisi then asked again, "Did it die in the womb?"

"It wasn't a miscarriage," Xu Jiamu replied casually, but inside, sorrow engulfed his soul. He reached out and caressed the tomb softly, with tenderness. Turning over to face her, he said, "She aborted the child."

Once again, Yang Sisi was startled by his words.

He had never spoken about this story, it was buried deep in his heart. Now that he spoke about it, it seemed more like he was trying to calm his soul than share it with her.

"Before she aborted the child, we had been together for eight years.

"When we met, she was still in college, it was before she became an actress, before she became famous. Back then, she was still just a simple, pretty young girl.

"Ever since I was young, I knew that I was going to have a corporate wedding. I also knew that I would never be with a girl of humble beginnings so I never dated anyone.

"We didn't date, to put it specifically, during those eight years, we were never lovers.

"I bought her for fifty thousand dollars, it was all a transaction. I thought that we'll separate easily without any kind of complications.

"But who would have expected such a relationship to last for seven years.

"On the seventh year, she wanted to break up.

"How should I put it, during the years that we were together, she had always been obedient and that was probably the first time she had defied me. I was furious, but at that time, I couldn't understand my anger, I thought that it was because of my pride.

"So when she wanted to break up, I told her Fine, like I care.' "