Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 941

Chapter 941: Continuation(22)

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Chapter 941: Continuation22

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Xu Jiamu's fingers trembled, a curved line forming on the paper. He sat down blankly, and after a long while, he glanced at the paper, his gaze changing.

Xiangsi, Xiangsi.

Song Xiangsi.

The entire paper was filled with names, but none was Yang Sisi. They were all different variations of "Song Xiangsi".

Xu Jiamu stared at the paper, his fingers trembling.

Yang Sisi stared at him with a steady gaze, the room engulfed in silence. After about five minutes, she seemed to have thought of something. She typed the name in a search engine and found the birthday on wikipedia.

She was right... 3rd of May 0513... Xu Jiamu used Song Xiangsi's birthday as the passcode for the mansion.

Yang Sisi lowered her eyes, her gaze falling on his phone. Without asking for permission, she reached over and grabbed his phone, keying in the numbers "0513" for the passcode. Just as expected, it unlocked.

She shut her eyes and walked over to his side to key in the numbers into his laptops passcode. Similarly, it went straight to the desktop.

At that instant, she understood everything.

That was why there was always something off with their interactions.

He treated her well - he was patient, he would indulge in her demands, and give the illusion that he loved her, but whenever they walked on the streets, he would never hold her hand, bring her out, or show affectionate behavior.

And whenever she took the initiative, he would avoid her.

At those time, she had always wondered if she was really in his heart, but his impeccable care would chase away her doubts. She would just convince herself then that he was slow in showing affection and that she should be patient.

Only now did she realize that it wasn't about him, but rather the fact that she was the wrong person.

Yang Sisi glanced at him. His features were as ravishing as ever, but he now looked like someone distant, a person she did not know.

She took a deep breath before asking, "Jiamu, you have someone you like, don't you?"

Xu Jiamu was still. When he heard her question, he blinked. Placing the pen in his hand down slowly, he turned to look at her. Instead of replying to her question, he apologized. "I'm sorry."

Yang Sisi suddenly remembered. Back then, that night when they met, Xu Jiamu had been cold towards her, but the moment she told him her name, his attitude changed. He started to chat with her and had even sent her home afterwards.

"You only sent me back that night and asked for my contact because I'm called Sisi, isnt it?"

She couldn't help laughing. She tossed her head back while forcing her tears not to fall. "So all this while, when you called me Sisi, youve always been thinking of someone else All this while, I was just a substitute, right?"