Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 940

Chapter 940: Continuation(21)

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Chapter 940: Continuation21

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Xu Jiamu gurgled and returned the cup back to Yang Sisi, while stumbling out of the bathroom.

When she caught up with him, he was already lying on the bed. She held up the blanket, but just as she was going to tuck him in, she heard him murmuring, "Sisi Where can I find another you?

"Sisi.. Don't go, stay..

"Sisi... You promised to stay with me, don't leave me...


Yang Sisi tightened her grip on the blanket.

Even though he was calling her name, Sisi, why did it seem as though it wasnt her he was calling?


The next day, Xu Jiamu woke up with a splitting headache.

He was still dressed in the same set of clothes from the day before, but now it was crumpled and reeked of alcohol and cigarettes.

He frowned, entering the bathroom to take a shower. When he came down to find food, he saw Yang Sisi setting out the plates in the dinning area.

Xu Jiamu stilled, slowly remembering that Yang Sisi was at the door when he came back the night before.

"You're awake? Come have some food." She smiled at him brightly.

Xu Jiamu entered the dinning area silently, pulling a chair for himself.

The television in the dinning area was airing a variety show about historical poems. Yang Sisi waited a while, but when Xu Jiamu continued to sit in silence, she couldn't help asking. "Jiamu, what's your favorite poem?"

Xu Jiamu chewed on his food slowly. When he swallowed it, he replied, "Xiangsi."

"Huh?" Yang Sisi stilled.

"Red berries grow in the South, when Spring comes, I hope that my love would bring more branches, for it is a symbol of love." Xu Jiamu hated poetry and literature, the only poems that he knew were the ones he was forced to learn in elementary school and "Xiangsi".

Yang Sisi smiled. "I like that poem from Wang Wei too."

Xu Jiamu continued his meal in silence.


After breakfast, Xu Jiamu received a call and headed to the study room.

Yang Sisi remained in the kitchen, clearing up and brewing coffee. When she brought the coffee up, Xu Jiamu was still on the phone while he typed on his laptop.

She placed the coffee on the table, but instead of leaving, she stared at him for a while before catching sight of his signature on a document. It was flashy but elegant at the same time.


After Xu Jiamu hung up, he saw Yang Sisi writing on the sofa while sipping on her coffee. He asked, "What are you writing?"

"I'm writing my name." She raised the white paper. "When I saw your elegant signature, I decided to practice mine as well, but I can't seem to make it look good. Could you help me design one to make it look better?"

Xu Jiamu nodded, agreeing to her request.

Yang Sisi stood up, bringing the paper and pen over to the table.

He picked up the pen and started to write on the paper. After writing "Yang Sisi" several times, he still couldn't find a way to make it look good.

As he wrote, she suddenly spoke up. "Jiamu, I'm not called Song Xiangsi."