Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 939

Chapter 939: Continuation (20)

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Chapter 939: Continuation (20)

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After about ten minutes, Xu Jiamu finally diverted his attention from Little Red Bean to Song Xiangsi, and asked her, "You leave the day after tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah." Song Xiangsi shot a smile, and then reached her hand out at Little Red Bean.

"What time is your flight?" he asked again.

Little Red Bean wasn't in a hurry to jump back into Song Xiangsi's arms. Instead, she turned her head and gave Xu Jiamu a sweet peck on the cheek. His heart raced and his body tensed up at the girl's sudden action.

With that, Little Red Bean turned around, and stretched towards Song Xiangsi.

She picked her daughter up. "Three in the afternoon."

"So it'll be about five in the afternoon when you reach America."

Song Xiangsi let out a "Yeah". After a while, she spoke again. "Red Bean and I should head back to our room now."


"Goodbye then."


Song Xiangsi lowered her head, and said to Little Red Bean in her arms. "Say goodbye to uncle."

Little Red Bean obediently waved her chubby little hand at Xu Jiamu. "Bye bye, uncle."

"Bye." Xu Jiamu wore a warm smile on his face.

Just when Song Xiangsi silently carried Little Red Bean, turned around, and walked out of the restroom, he suddenly called her name. "Xiangsi."

Song Xiangsi halted. She had her back turned to him for a while, before she turned around and let out a single sound, "Mm?"

"I put my card in Little Red Bean's pocket. If you're tired or unhappy abroad, you can call me anytime. I'll take you back here."

Song Xiangsi opened her mouth, but in the end, she didn't say a word. She turned around, and left with the girl in her arms.

Xu Jiamu stared at the retreating back, as his vision became blurred.

The furthest distance in the world isn't the distance between you and me, standing there unknowing that I love you. It's the distance between how I want to treat you and how you don't need it anymore.

The most painful separation in the world isn't when we both love each other yet miss the chance to be together. It's the pain of you not physically being by my side, yet still residing in my heart.


That night, Xu Jiamu had a little too much to drink. How exactly did he get back to Mian Xiu Garden? He really had a clue.

He only remembered that when he stumbled out of the car, someone threw themselves into his arms. They creased their nose, and said pitifully, "Jiamu, I've waited so long for you. Why are you back so late?"

That voice sounded familiar, but no matter how long he thought about it, he couldn't figure out whose voice it was.

He tried hard to lift his eyes and stare at the person in his arms. After staring for a long while, all he could see was the image of Song Xiangsi's face swaying in front of him. He pushed the person away, and staggered over to his front door. He entered the passcode a few times incorrectly.

"Jiamu, tell me the passcode, so I can help you open the door." Yang Sisi walked up and reached her hand out to support the staggering Xu Jiamu.

"0513," he told her the four digits.

After the door opened, Yang Sisi held him up and walked into the villa. She carried him all the way upstairs and into the bedroom.

She used all her strength to put him onto the bed. Then, she went back downstairs to pour a cup of hot water for him. When she came back, she heard him vomiting without end in the bathroom.

Yang Sisi hurriedly put the cup down, and walked into the bathroom. She crouched down next to Xu Jiamu and patted his back. When his vomiting had calmed down a little, she handed him a cup of water to rinse his mouth.