Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 936

Chapter 936: Continuation (17)

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Chapter 936: Continuation (17)

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Xu Jiamu figured that Song Xiangsi had ran out on her own again, so he rushed over to Father Song's room, and pushed open the door.

Song Xiangsi jumped in fright from the sudden entrance. As she abruptly sat up, she looked at him and asked, a little puzzled, "What's wrong?"

Xu Jiamu let out a sigh of relief. "Nothing."

Then he closed the door and quickly tidied up the dining table.

When he went back into Song Xiangsi's room, a deafening roar of thunder came through the windows. He paused for a moment in the living room, then eventually turned to Father Song's bedroom. He pushed open the door and saw Song Xiangsi shivering, curled up in bed.

He felt a sharp pain at the bottom of his heart. He closed the doors and walked swiftly over to her bedside. "Xiangsi?"

Xu Jiamu called her name a few times, before she popped her head out from under the covers. She looked over at him for a few seconds, before her lifted head gently moved. "Stay with me for while, okay?"

Xu Jiamu felt even more hurt. Without thinking about it, he nodded, and said just one word, "Alright."

Song Xiangsi hadn't been able to rest well previously, but nowmaybe because of Xu Jiamushe quickly fell asleep.

The next day, she woke up to a bright sunny day and beautiful clear skies, without a single trace of bad weather.

Song Xiangsi had slept well and for a long time, before she sluggishly turned around and climbed out of bed. That's when she saw Xu Jiamu up against the wall, sleeping next to the wardrobe.

That's when she remembered everything that had happened last night.

In truth, she never liked appearing weak in front of other people. Yesterday was her father's funeral, and so she was incredibly devastated, which was why she said those things. She thought that he would leave after she fell asleep, never imagining that he'd sit there guarding throughout the night like that.

Xu Jiamu looked pale white, and his eyelids were dark.

Recently, he had been far more exhausted than she. He had done everything after her father passed away by himself. No matter how exhausted he was, she never saw a hint of annoyance on his face or heard a single complaint from his mouth.

Perhaps it was because Xu Jiamu was now asleep, Song Xiangsi could take a good look at him for the first time after they were reunited.

His profile was just as handsome as before. There wasn't any change there, but he did emulate a feeling of maturity and stability.

He looked really exhausted. These past feel days must've taken their toll on him.

Song Xiangsi couldn't help but move to caress Xu Jiamu's furrowed brows. Just when her fingertips touched his skin, his phone suddenly rang.

Song Xiangsi's fingers trembled, before she hurriedly pulled them back. She looked over towards the sound of the phone on the shelf near the bedhead. The screen shone with the word: Sisi.

Sisi... it had the same two syllables as her nickname.

Was it that woman, Yang Sisi calling?

Song Xiangsi lowered her eyes, swiftly turned her head, stood up, and walked out of the room. When she closed the door, she heard Xu Jiamu from inside the bedroom. He woke up from the sound of the ringtone and groggily picked up the phone. "Hello? What's wrong?"

"Mmm. ... I'm not in Beijing, I'm in the suburbs. ... I don't know when I'll be back Okay. ... A little sleepy. Mmm. Okay. Bye bye. See you back in Beijing."