Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 934

Chapter 934: Continuation (15)

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Chapter 934: Continuation (15)

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Song Xiangsi still didn't eat.

Perhaps Xu Jiamu was pestering her too much, because she got out of the bed and silently walked into Father Song's room and locked it.

He knocked for a really long time, but couldn't convince her to open the door. In the end, he started to search the whole place for another key.

When he finally found one, he opened the door to see Song Xiangsi on the ground, folding Father Song's clothes.

Xu Jiamu didn't say anything to disturb her. He softly walked over to her side, quietly crouched down and joined her in folding the clothes.

Song Xiangsi lifted her eyes, but only shot him a quick glance, as though she thinking to say something to persuade him to leave. But then, she saw the swollen red back of his hand, and sealed her lips, as well as lowered her eyes. She silently continued to fold the clothes.

In Father Song's wardrobe, Song Xiangsi found an old tattered cardboard box. It was so heavy, she couldn't pick it up. Eventually, Xu Jiamu had to go over and help her carry it.

When she opened the cardboard box, there was a bunch of photos inside of her from kindergarten till she graduated on her third year of high school. There were also all different kinds of textbooks, notebooks, sketchbooks, and awards... As she looked at all these things, her tears came crashing down again.

The only person she could rely on and the person who loved her the most in this world was gone. From here on out, she could only truly rely on herself.


At dinner, Song Xiangsi still didn't eat a thing. With her not eating, Xu Jiamu didn't really have an appetite either. In the end, the table full of food was left untouched. Xu Jiamu covered the dishes in cling film and stored them in the freezer.

At night, Song Xiangsi slept in Father Song's room, and Xu Jiamu slept in her room.

At almost eleven o'clock, a storm erupted, with thunder. Xu Jiamu, who had just fallen asleep, woke up in shock.

He thought back to what Father Song had said that afternoon before he passed away. He told him that though Sisi may look like a strong woman, at her very bones, she was actually really fragile. She feared thunder at night the most.

Xu Jiamu abruptly sat up, removed the covers and got out of bed. She hurriedly headed for Father Song's bedroom, and pushed it open to find an empty bed. Song Xiangsi was nowhere in sight.

Startled, he quickly ran inside to check the room. He couldn't find her, so he then pulled out his phone and called her. Eventually, he heard the sound of her phone ringing in the bedroom.

He didn't even stop to change his clothes, as he ran outside in his pajamas.

The rain poured down. Drenched, he jumped into his car. The first thing on his mind was to go find Father Song's grave. In the end, he didn't see Song Xiangsi there, and relentlessly rushed back. Just as he was ready to go upstairs to see if Song Xiangsi had come back home yet, he suddenly realized something. Then, he rushed over to the park in the Baishulin district.

The rain hadn't stopped, and it was growing heavier. Light from the street lights became thin, making it hard for people to see.

Xu Jiamu used the torch app on his phone and circled the district. Eventually, he saw a person in the far corner, crouched down with their head in between their knees.

From the person's pajamas, he could tell it was Song Xiangsi.

He let out a long sigh of relief, and his racing heart fell back to it's original position. With that, he drew closer, and heard the sound of Song Xiangsi's cries among the rain and thunder.