Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 933

Chapter 933: Continuation (14)

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Chapter 933: Continuation (14)

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Xu Jiamu was stunned at first, but then he realized what was happening... and instantly wasn't sleepy anymore.

His legs were a little weak, as he stared at Song Xiangsi crying with her trembling body for a long time. Only after a time did he force himself to walk steadily over to her side.

Father Song lay poised with both hands intertwined on his stomach, and he had a serene expression on his face. With his lips shut tight and a faint smile, he looked like he was having a great dream.

Xu Jiamu reached over and gently touched Father Song's hand. It was ice cold to the touch. His fingertips shivered for a moment, then he turned his head over to Song Xiangsi. He felt a cutting pain in his heart, as he watched her cry despairingly. He summoned the strength in himself to press onto her shoulder, and say a few weak words of comfort. "Sisi, don't be too sad."

Song Xiangsi's tears continued to fall on their own accord, as though she hadn't heart a word.

She knew that death was only natural, and that her dad didn't have many days left, but she never imagined that he would pass away so suddenly. It was difficult for her to accept.

She was hoping to bring him back to Beijing in a few days' time to see Little Red Bean. She wanted to tell him that he had a granddaughter, and hoped that once he the little girl, he would feel better and live a little longer. A few hours ago, he had just been holding her hand and telling her about the past. He looked like he was in high spirits, and his words didn't seem to be as sluggish as before. So... how could he just die?

The more she thought about it, the fiercer she cried.

Xu Jiamu slowly knelt down and pulled her into his arms. Soon after, his shirt was soaked through.


For the next few days, Song Xiangsi couldn't quite come to terms with her father's passing. She had her head in the clouds, and she barely left an inch from his photo.

So, Xu Jiamu practically made the funeral preparations for Father Song.

On the day of the funeral, all of Father Song's friends were in attendance.

Song Xiangsi seemed to be out of it, so Xu Jiamu took care of everything.

Father Song was buried next to Mother Song's grave. It was raining heavily on the day of the funeral. As the coffin lowered, Song Xiangsi knelt on the ground and let out a heart-wrenching cry. Xu Jiamu stood over her with an umbrella.

The umbrella was mostly over Song Xiangsi's body, so Xu Jiamu himself was absolutely drenched.

At three in the afternoon, all the attendees left one after the other. The house was only left with Xu Jiamu and Song Xiangsi.

In the past three days, Song Xiangsi had barely eaten and looked visibly thinner. Xu Jiamu cooked some congee in the kitchen, and carried a bowl to the bedroom.

Song Xiangsi lay still in bed with her back turned to him. He placed the bowl down on the table beside her, and carried her right out of bed. Just as he tried to feed her the congee, she suddenly swung her arms and splattered the scalding hot congee away. It fell on Xu Jiamu's hand, causing his fingers to instantly burn red.

Song Xiangsi paused for a moment, and eventually turned her head in silence.

Xu Jiamu was extremely well mannered. He wasn't the least bit annoyed. He merely bent down, tidied up her mess, and walked out the bedroom.

Not long after, he brought over another bowl of congee.