Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 932

Chapter 932: Continuation (13)

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Chapter 932: Continuation (13)

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By that, did Song Xiangsi mean that she once hoped that he would treat her well?

But, he had never truly treated her well.

If at first, when they got together eight years ago, he had paid more attention to her and cared more, then would they would have never ended up like this?

Furthermore, if from the beginning he knew he was interested and filled with love at first sight, then would he have been so condescending as to pay her five million RMB to be with him without a title for so many years?

The bank card Father Song gave to him was stuck in his chest pocket, heavily pressing against his aching heart.

It was not until this day that he finally understood how to be a good man and how to be a good husband... Yet, she was already married to someone else, and didn't need him to treat her well.

Xu Jiamu took a deep drag of his cigarette, but ended up coughing from the harshness. He couldn't help but bend over and cough violently.

As he coughed, the rims of his eyes turned red.


Xu Jiamu cooked dinner as usual. He cut up the chicken Song Xiangsi had bought and placed it on a plate.

When dinner was ready, she walked in to call Father Song out.

His mood and spirits were good, so his appetite was also good. He actually ate a whole chicken leg.

After dinner, Father Song went back into the room to get some rest, and called Song Xiangsi. The father daughter pair shut the door closed. Who knew what they were talking about, but Song Xiangsi didn't leave the bedroom until it was past nine in the evening.

Seeing her walking out, Xu Jiamu, who was sitting on the sofa, immediately got up and made her a hot cup of milk.

Song Xiangsi quietly said, "Thank you", and reached her arm out to take it.

When she finished drinking her milk, Xu Jiamu spoke again. "It's getting late, you'd better get some rest."

"Mmm." Song Xiangsi gently nodded, and was about to walk into the kitchen to clean the cup in her hand, when, all of a sudden, Xu Jiamu reached his hand out and grabbed the cup from her hand. "I'll wash the cup, you go take a shower.

"Thank you".

Xu Jiamu didn't say anything, but stared at Song Xiangsi for a while, before turning around and walking into the kitchen.

She stood on the spot. Her eyes were in a daze when she heard the sound of the water running.


At three in the morning, Song Xiangsi suddenly woke from deep sleep.

She didn't have a nightmare, but she suddenly woke up just like that. Air conditioner was on in the room, but she was drenched in sweat.

She tightly held onto the covers, and her breathing was unsteady. The blood in her body pulsed, and her heart was in a state of panic. Her whole body felt uncomfortable from head to toe.

She stayed in a daze with furrowed brows for a while, then had a faint feeling of something happened. She suddenly threw the covers off of herself, got out of bed, and sprinted out.

In the living room, Xu Jiamu's eyes shot wide open when he heard her. Under the light from the windows, he saw her silhouette going by him. He swiftly cried out, "Xiangsi?"

He then got up and turned the lights on beside him. At that time, he saw her push open Father Song's door and barge in.

Xu Jiamu quickly caught up. Just as he reached the door, he saw Song Xiangsi, shivering, lightly touch under Father Song's nose. All of a sudden, she fell to the ground and wailed.