Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 930

Chapter 930: Continuation(11)

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Chapter 930: Continuation11

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Song Xiangsi had always been mild and placid in front of him. When he was hungry, she would get him food, when he was thirsty, she would pour him water, when he wanted to bath, she would help him run the water... She had never had any demands. Other than the gifts he got her, she never asked for anything else... She had never once shed a tear in front of him, acted playful, or even complained about pains that shed had.

He had always thought that in the eight years that they had been together, he understood her, but only now did he realize how foreign she was to him.

The past few years, he kept wondering why she didn't want his child, why she tried so hard to leave him, but he could never understand her intentions. It was only today that he realized that in those years, the first one to give up wasn't her but him.

From the very beginning, he never once treated her well.

"Afterwards, Sisi started to get popular, there were times when she couldn't come back to celebrate New Years with me.

"There was a year where she couldn't come back on New Year's Eve to receive an award, but when it struck midnight, she called. The background was silent and there was only her. At that time, I knew that she was outside, as I could hear the wind blowing.

"She sounded exuberant, telling me that she got the best female lead award and that she was paid a lot. She said that she could earn aplenty now and that she could let me enjoy my old age, she said many many things, but I could sense that she wasn't happy.

"That night, we talked for a very long time before hanging up. Even though I didn't expose her, I knew that she was definitely spending New Year's Eve alone and thats why she decided to call me."

Xu Jiamu remained silent, but his eyes started to sting.

On the night Song Xiangsi received the award, he knew that she had called, but at that time, he was having fun with his friends so he didn't hear when her call came in.

Only the next day did he finally return her call to ask her what was wrong. By then, she said it was nothing. When he asked her where she was, she said that she was back in her hometown.

He believed her, not thinking much of it.

But now, he knew that she had been alone in Beijing at that time.

She was probably feeling vulnerable without any support, and yet he wasn't there to give it to her.

Yes, he never once offered her support, so why would she dare to depend on him?

Father Song looked through all the news about Song Xiangsi that he treasured. When he was finally done, he wiped the tears by his eyes before asking, "Is my Sisi pretty?"

Xu Jiamu nodded. "Very."

"So, was her beauty the reason you picked her and was willing to give her the fifty thousand dollars?"

Xu Jiamu stilled, staring at Father Song in silence.

"You don't have to hide it from me, I know that my daughter doesn't have a boyfriend." The guilt in his eyes was apparent. "Initially, she must have agreed to be with you for the surgery fee. I already knew it when she paid for the hospital bills. She's my daughter, I know her well, I know when she's lying. I could tell back then but chose not to expose her, for I knew that she must be feeling horrible inside and I didn't want to be a burden to her. The reason I got her to get you is because I have something for you."