Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 925

Chapter 925: Continuation(6)

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Chapter 925: Continuation6

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Song Xiangsi didn't instantly take his phone, she glanced at him with a questioning gaze.

Xu Jiamu knew what she was thinking, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he turned towards Father Song. "Coincidentally, I'm free the next few days so I can accompany you and Sisi back."

Father Song was flattered. Instinctively, he glanced at Song Xiangsi. "Will it be too troublesome..."

"Definitely not, Ive always wanted to visit Sisi's hometown." Xu Jiamu paused before adding, "Besides, I'll be worried if only the two of you were to travel to such a far away place."

Xu Jiamu waved the phone in front of Song Xiangsi. She clenched her lips and reached for it, swiftly typing for a moment before returning the phone back to him. He glanced at the details, checking for errors before sending it to his secretary.


Xu Jiamu settled the discharge procedures, using his card to pay for the hospital bills.

Father Song was extremely weak. He stumbled forward unstably, so in the end Xu Jiamu pushed him down in a wheelchair brought over by a nurse.


A short while after the plane took off, Father Song shut his eyes in discomfort.

The plane was a little cold, so Xu Jiamu asked for two blankets, passing one to Song Xiangsi.

She turned to glance at him, thanking him softly. She reached over and when she covered herself with the blanket, she caught sight of him covering Father Song with the other blanket he asked for. Instinctively, she turned and glanced at him. When he finished covering Father Song, she was worried that he might spot something and shut her eyes tightly. After a short while, she felt his light actions - Xu Jiamu grabbed the blanket from her thighs, spreading it across her body.

Song Xiangsi's lashes trembled, and she couldn't help opening her eyes. At that moment, Xu Jiamu's features came into sight close to her face.

Only after he ensured that she was protected from the cold did he notice her stare. Softly, he said, "I postponed the filming for the advertisement. They'll continue when you're free."

Song Xiangsi grabbed onto the blanket, struggling to keep her cool. "Thank you."

Xu Jiamu remained warm, but didnt say anything, returning back to his own seat.

She turned to look out the window, the moon was bright and the stars shimmered in the clear skies, the stunning view melting her heart.

Three years ago, she had struggled to be resolute, but now his presence sent her into turmoil once again.


When they reached Jiangsu, it was already 12am. Song Xiangsi's hometown was a small town, and since it was late, there weren't anymore cars going there, so Xu Jiamu got two rooms in a hotel near the airport.