Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 924

Chapter 924: Continuation(5)

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Chapter 924: Continuation5

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Father Song took a good look at Xu Jiamu - He was dressed smartly and was a dashing young man. Maybe because Song Xiangsi told him that Xu Jiamu owned a big company, Father Song started to feel conscious about his own humble lifestyle. His daughter wasn't compatible so he felt pressured and nervous. He glanced at Xu Jiamu's sincere smile, and only when Song Xiangsi carried a chair over towards him did Father Song snap out of his daze. Hurriedly, he nodded, pointing to the chair. "Sit, sit."

Xu Jiamu could sense Father Song's unease. After sitting down, he continued the conversation. "Uncle, how are you feeling?"

Father Song replied hurriedly, "It's good, good."

Xu Jiamu glanced at Song Xiangsi, who stood by his side. Recalling the words she had said before they entered the room, he reached out to grab her hands. Song Xiangsi stilled.

He then said, "Uncle, the doctor mentioned that as long as you keep a positive mentality, you will be able to live a long life, me and..."

Xu Jiamu paused, remembering Song Xiangsi's nickname, then continued, "Sisi have made plans. We're going to have a wedding in October and we still hope that you'll be there to witness the ceremony."

Even though Song Xiangsi had told him that, the moment the words came out of his mouth, she still couldn't help feeling as though it was a dream.

No one knew how many times in the past eight years she had dreamed of him marrying her.

But the dream would always shatter. Even in her sleep, she didn't dare to marry him.

Father Song was pleased by his words. He knew that he would never be able to live till then, but he continued to beam, repeating, "Yes, yes."

Xu Jiamu never let go of Song Xiangsi's hand. "Uncle, I'm really sorry that I haven't visited you after being with Sisi for such a long time."

"It's okay, no worries, I heard from Sisi that you're very busy..." Father Song hurriedly shook his head.


Xu Jiamu's actions was better than Song Xiangsi had expected, he spoke to her father respectfully. Father Song was clearly satisfied, a bright smile on his face. Towards the end, he beamed at her. "Sisi, now that Ive seen your boyfriend, I can die without regrets."

Song Xiangsi curved her lips into a faint smile, while Xu Jiamu continued, "Uncle, what are you saying, I would rather get the best medical team to treat you."

Father Song smiled, but instead of replying Xu Jiamu, he looked towards Song Xiangsi. "Sisi, have you booked the tickets?"

"No, I'll do it now," Song Xiangsi replied, reaching for her phone.

"What tickets?" Xu Jiamu asked.

"We're planning on going back home," Father Song explained.

"When?" he asked again

"Right now."

Xu Jiamu frowned, glancing at Song Xiangsi who was looking at air fares. He reached out and grabbed her phone before reaching for his own to make a call. "Book three tickets for me... I'll send the identification number and location to you in a moment..."

After hanging up, he returned the phone back to Song Xiangsi. "Write down your and your father's identification numbers."