Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 245

    Chapter 245: Do You Know Who He Likes? (5)

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    Lu Jinnian's mansion, Mian Xiu Garden, was rarely disturbed by outsiders. Qiao Anhao curiously put her spoon down. Just as she was ready to get up, Madam Chen instinctively walked out the dining room, "Madam, I'll go open the door."

    Qiao Anhao sat back down on her dining chair. She ate her congee, thinking about how to recollect the few hours she'd forgotten.

    "Qiao Qiao!"

    Just as Qiao Anhao lifted her spoon full of congee to her mouth, Zhao Meng suddenly screamed as she entered the house.

    Qiao Anhao paused for a moment. Without bothering with Zhao Meng, she thought about her situation, and slowly swallowed the congee.

    Madam Chen recognized Zhao Meng since she had come to Mian Xiu Garden a few times to pick up Qiao Anhao, so she enthusiastically pulled up a chair for her. "Miss. Zhao, would you like to eat something?"

    It was already midday and Zhao Meng hadn't eaten yet. She came straight from the set, and so she immediately nodded, unreserved, adding a "Thank you". Then she put her face in front of Qiao Anhao, looking her up and down before giving a long sigh of relief.

    With a fl.u.s.ter of words, she told Qiao Anhao, "Thank goodness that you're fine, Qiao Qiao. Yesterday, you don't know how you scared me! Lin s.h.i.+yi, that b*tch. I always knew she wasn't a good person, but I never thought that she would ever do something so despicable, stoop to that level!

    "But, Qiao Qiao, you don't be angry. This time, her stunt has finally put the nail in the coffin for her. I heard someone say that someone slapped her silly in the face. Today, the media has been exposing her scandals non-stop. Weibo has completely exploded with hate comments. Even her fans have become her haters. Let off some steam, it really let off some steam. The whole world is shouting at her, don't you worry!"

    As Zhao Meng spoke, she smiled triumphantly. "Qiao Qiao, let me tell you... I couldn't be more p.i.s.sed. I even hired a few people to shout at her. One of them actually got the hottest reply on Weibo!"

    Qiao Anhao was in a daze, shocked by Zhao Meng's words as she hadn't taken a breath throughout the lengthy explanation. When Madam Chen brought the congee in front of her, she happily grabbed a spoon and wolfed down the food. When she shut her eyes, Qiao Anhao blinked and casually asked her, "Zhao Meng, what about Lin s.h.i.+yi?"

    "Hmph!" Qiao Anhao's question made Zhao Meng choke for a second. She grabbed for a napkin to cover up her long cough before glaring at Qiao Anhao. She with a strange expression, "Qiao Anhao, are you dumb? You don't know what happened to Lin s.h.i.+yi? Don't you know that she almost put you in some serious danger yesterday? Just a little longer and you would have been raped by that pervert Producer Sun!"

    Qiao Anhao furrowed her brows, innocently asking in return, "I was raped by Chief Sun?"

    Seeing her expression, Zhao Meng blinked twice and asked with a serious voice, "Qiao Qiao, you really don't know?"

    From Zhao Meng's words, Qiao Anhao could vaguely understand the nasty thing that had transpired last night. Her expression became awful. She pursed her lips and didn't say a word.

    Zhao Meng's grip on the spoon tightened for a moment. Then she loosened up, looked at Qiao Anhao, and explained every detail of last night's events.

    "Qiao Qiao, someone put drugs in your drink last night at the hot spring, but someone quickly disposed of the drink, so we've already lost the evidence."