Black Tech Internet Cafe System Chapter 315

Chapter 315 Mr. Fang Showing Off His Skills In Kof Again

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“You mean I’ll have to kill monsters and increase my level to level 13 before I can learn Enchanting Light?” Red Wing Daoist was still dazed, not expecting that he would have to learn this spiritual spell in this special way!

Usually, people recorded spiritual spells on jade slips, and others could withdraw the information from the jade slip with spiritual energy. But now…

“I’ll give you a friendly reminder,” Jin Wu told him and the other cultivators who were waiting to pick up their items, “If your levels are not high enough, remember to store your stuff in your warehouse after picking up the item you bought. Otherwise, if you are killed in this virtual world, your items might drop out of your bag. Don’t blame me for not warning you if you lose your stuff!”

“It sounds very unsafe. What if someone robs my warehouse?” Red Wing Daoist complained.

“The warehouse zone in this village is a safe zone of this world, and no one can attack it. You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Do you mean that only the owner can take the things from the warehouse?! No one else can do anything to get access?” The cultivators who were waiting in line to pick up their items looked surprised!

Hearing this information, the cultivators who were still planning to rob Red Wing Daoist were instantly deflated. They couldn’t take this spiritual spell even if they killed Red Wing Daoist unless they could rob this shop!

The cultivators who had been worried about being robbed felt relieved, and the ones who complained about this method were also satisfied.

“This shop is amazing…”

“I’m surprised that Half City has such a shop…”

While the cultivators talked among themselves, Ruan Ning walked over with an armful of bowls of instant noodles and boxes of spicy sticks before she said, “The bill please!”

“Hey, you can’t do whatever you want even if you are rich!” Fang Qi said in disapproval, “Each person can only buy one bowl of instant noodles and one box of spicy sticks!”

“I will buy them for you guys!” Ruan Ning said proudly, “From today on, I will treat you all to instant noodles for one month!”

“Pu!” Mr. Fang almost spat out the Coke that he had been sipping.

“Where’s Xiaoyue? I’ll tell Xiaoyue through QQ that she has her share too! Haha!” Ruan Ning waved her hand generously and paid the bill!

“Hehe! This girl became a rich lady in just one day!” Mo Tianxing lamented while he looked at Ruan Ning who went to open QQ.

“She did it under my good guidance!” Mr. Fang said.

Of course, some people were happy while others were not. For example, Red Wing Daoist who had spent over 300,000 crystals was now working hard to level up after being hunted down all the way to the shop. After the red-clothed girl handed him a bowl of instant noodles, he gobbled it down in his tattered robe, feeling as if his heart were bleeding.

“Hey! Xiaoyue has money too!” After all, while Ruan Ning made a fortune playing the game with Mr. Fang, Xiaoyue had earned her own share in the process.

“Master… Do you really think that you must lower yourself to try the games in this place?” A black-robed old man with white hair, a white beard, and a slightly hunched back stood behind Ning Bi.

“That little guy is interesting,” she said. “Didn’t you notice that he doesn’t seem to be afraid of me.”

“From my point of view, that kid is just dumb,” the old man said in a cold voice.

“Hahaha…” Hearing the old man’s words, Ning Bi covered her mouth and giggled. “If an idiot could open such a shop in Half City and survive for so long, how lucky must he be!”

“An old guy in the inner city shows great interest in this little guy and his shop!” Ning Bi said with a chuckle, “However, he hasn’t showed his hand yet. Just think about why he’s still waiting!”

“Anyway, I’m bored in the inner city.” If she went out of Half City, all the major forces in the Morning Star Sea Realm would probably get wary and treat it as that the Demonic Woman came out of her hermit-like lifestyle. Ning Bi yawned in boredom and said, “Those old guys in the inner city spend all day in seclusion cultivation or scheming! They are a bunch of disgusting old man!”

The old man walking behind her was at a loss for words.

“Why can’t I come and see this novel thing?”

“Miss, your… your instant noodles are ready…” Zou Mo was still shivering right now; this was his first time seeing a non-human!

Of course, his reaction was normal in the eyes of the old man behind her.

“You… are going to eat this thing?!” The old man’s eyes almost popped out when Ning Bi took the bowl of instant noodles.

“I like the smell, so I decided to try it.” Since her taste buds were different from those of humans, she didn’t find the delicacies in the human world to her liking, which explained why the old man asked.

However, the moment she took a bit of the instant noodles, her green, jade-like eyes instantly brightened.

She didn’t know that the System only provided the best of the best. Even though her taste buds were different from those of humans, the food could still give her an unusual and fascinating experience!

“Can… you eat it?” Dumbfounded, the old man watched Ning Bi slurp a mouthful of noodles into her mouth.

“What do you mean? Why can’t I eat it?” Ning Bi said unclearly with food in her mouth, “If I can’t eat this, then all the food in your Half City is for pigs!”


“Little Shop Owner.”

Fang Qi watched as Ning Bi walked over with a bowl of instant noodles in her hand. If it were someone else, this act would have looked ridiculous, but Ning Bi seemed to have transformed from a lofty seductive demonic woman into a pretty and cute sister next door.

“Aren’t you going to introduce the good stuff in your shop to me?”

“Okay.” For the sake of the Bone of a Master and Deep Ocean Black Iron that she had given him, Mr. Fang agreed.

“Little Mo, you keep an eye on the shop while I show this sister around.”

[TL Note: In China, calling other people brothers or sisters is a friendly way of addressing them.]

So, another regular visitor appeared on the seat before the joystick for the King of Fighters in Mr. Fang’s Qzone.

In Mr. Fang’s Qzone, a demonic woman with brown hair and green eyes shouted and used the joystick while Kyo Kusanagi shouted his lines. On the screen, Kyo Kusanagi leaped into the air with flames engulfing his body.

Desperation Move – ‘Mu Shiki’ was extremely powerful and dashing!

“No! No!” Song Qingfeng and other King of Fighters players shook their heads while they watched the game from behind and said as experienced players, “This move is powerful, but it is easy to be blocked!”

Sure enough, Mr. Fang blocked the attack and controlled his Kyo Kusanagi to charge forward. Engulfed in flames, Kyo Kusanagi shot out the flames, and his combos looked quite dashing.

“A lifetime of loss and struggle; believing in one’s ability to change the future …” This time, Mr. Fang hummed the tunes of the song, the Glorious Years by Beyond. It perfectly matched with Kyo Kusanagi’s victory animation where he held flames in his hand on the screen, creating a dashing sight.