Black Tech Internet Cafe System Chapter 216

    Chapter 216: Watch the competition While Eating Spicy Sticks

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    "Fortunately, we entered the Counter Strike team competition." Seeing what happened during the Diablo individual competition, Liang Shi and the other independent warriors who entered the Counter Strike team competition clicked their tongues.

    They could never afford items that cost 200 or even 100 crystals.

    From the first game - Resident Evil, Liang Shi had been playing in the shop. Although he was an old player, he only played Resident Evil and Counter Strike.

    People played games not only for the growth in strength.

    In this world, the majority were ordinary people, but they didn't want to be ordinary all their lives. When they watched Chris as the mansion in Resident Evil exploded, the dazzling light of the last moment shone into their hearts!

    Not everyone played the games for the gains.

    From newbies who couldn't even use pistols, they had now grown proficient with any guns and close-range combat skill, and they spent more time and energy on practice than the aristocrats and geniuses!

    Today is the last day before our competition. He glanced at his comrades in life and in the games.

    This competition might be our best chance, he thought. They were always the audience who stood at the foot of the mountain and look up at others, and perhaps they would have the opportunity to stand on the top of the mountain and look at the scenery in the golden sunshine this time.

    He imagined this scene with eagerness!

    He remembered the story about competitions which once circulated in the shop that only had a beginning.

    If this was also the beginning of a story, it would be the beginning of the glory that he had been hoping for.

    He tightened his grip on the gun and scanned for enemies while he was distracted by these thoughts.

    The day for the first round of Counter Strike team competitions came.

    Dong Qingli was in a great mood today. Although she didn't enter the top 16 yesterday, she wasn't disappointed since she had entered the competition for experience and didn't hold any high hopes for the result.

    She was in a good mood because she had won a few matches yesterday. Since her rivals were chosen randomly, she was quite excited when she battled with other players instead of monsters.

    After eating instant noodles, she was about to sit on the couch and wait for the livestream to begin. Then, she saw Fang Qi coming down after making all the competition related arrangements and writing something on the black board with a chalk.

    "Sir! You have a new item again? Is it a snack?!" Dong Qingli immediately walked over since that was what she was most interested in!

    Now, the snacks were not enough for her!

    Soon, Fang Qi finished writing, and she asked, "Spicy sticks?"

    Fang Qi nodded and pointed at the words on the small black board, saying, "This is the most prestigious snack in the shop for the time being. 15 crystals for one box with ten sticks. It's the only snack that you can share with others."

    "Of course, you can't share them with people on the blacklist. If you do, you will also be put on the blacklist," Fang Qi said lightly, "Do you want one box?"

    "I do!!" Dong Qingli raised her voice and said, "I was worried that I wouldn't have enough snacks to eat while watching the matches!"

    "What snack? Are there new snacks?" Lan Yan had finished her matches yesterday, and now she sat on the couch, ready to watch Nalan Mingxue's matches. When she heard the mentioning of a new snack, she immediately looked over.

    She clicked her tongue at the price. "This snack is three times more expensive than Haagen-Dazs?!"

    "Is it good?" she asked immediately.


    Fang Qi said, "To tell you the truth, I haven't tried it yet."

    Then, he took out two boxes of spicy sticks.

    Produced by the System, the spicy sticks were not wrapped in bags. Instead, they were neatly stacked in a rectangular, transparent glass box, and there were a few pairs of wooden chopsticks.

    When he opened the box, they smelled a very special spicy aroma.

    The orange spicy sticks looked crystal-like with some white sesame seeds on the top.

    Fang Qi froze and almost couldn't recognize them. "Are these spicy sticks?!"

    "They smell delicious!" Dong Qingli sniffed with her snow-white nose.

    Even Zhang Wanyu standing beside her looked eager, and she immediately paid. "Let's try them!"

    Fang Qi opened a box and saw Jiang Xiaoyue stare at it without blinking.

    He grabbed the chopsticks and picked up one stick, putting it under Jiang Xiaoyue's nose.

    "Ahh!" Excited, Jiang Xiaoyue opened her mouth and was about to…

    Fang Qi stuffed the stick into his own mouth and felt a delicious aroma spreading on his taste buds. Savoring the slight numbing taste mingled with spicy and sweet flavors and the chewy gluten, he exclaimed, "Wow! So delicious!"

    Jiang Xiaoyue gritted her teeth.

    "Take one for yourself!" Fang Qi said while enjoying the spicy stick.

    "Ok.ay.." Jiang Xiaoyue looked sulky. Even though she felt like she should ignore her boss, she couldn't help reaching out and picking up one spicy stick.

    "It's more than delicious!" Dong Qingli was also eating. "This gluten is better than those produced with the top-grade spiritual wheat! What's this special spicy taste?!"

    "When I swallowed it, I felt a warmth beginning to burn in my body!" Zhang Wanyu said in astonishment. "The warrior qi in my body seems to have become more solid!"

    Jiang Xiaoyue nibbled on her spicy stick as if she were afraid that the stick would be gone if she ate too fast! After eating it, she stuck out her small tongue and licked the sesame seeds left on the corner of her mouth.

    "What's this aroma?" Lan Mo and the others also looked over.

    At this moment, Xiao Yulv walked in smugly with a basket of snacks in his hand.

    "I've prepared lots of snacks to watch today's competition!"

    "Ugh? What's this aroma?" The moment he sat down, he saw Dong Qingli, Lan Yan, and even Lan Mo holding rectangular boxes before them.

    "I didn't know this shop had such a delicious snack!" Lan Mo pointed his chopsticks at the spicy sticks and said with a laugh, "Junior Brother, try one! It tastes good and helps with the purification of the spiritual essence in the body! A good snack!"

    Immediately, Jun Yangzi picked up a spicy stick and bit into it. "Wow! A real delicacy!"

    On the edge of the couch, Xiao Yulv watched as Jiang Xiaoyue, who had been his companion in watching others eat, ate the spicy sticks with great enjoyment.

    "Let's watch the competition! Let's watch the competition!" some yelled.

    Xiao Yulv: "..."