Bigshot Cultivator Bewildering People Every Day Book 2 Chapter 145

    Vol 2 Chapter 145: World Bossx Game Producer

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    Luo Jiujiang's words undoubtedly dropped another bomb in 5555's heart.

    Only then did he discover that the BOSS Han Qianling in the game world is not a big deal for everyone. In truth, his former host, Luo Jiujiang, is the true story of the husband, and he has to say something amazing in one mouth. .

    It's simply not surprising and endless.

    If it weren't for the fact that Luo Jiujiang had been unexpectedly reliable in business, 5555 must now doubt the authenticity of this statement.

    Even if he believes that Luo Jiujiang has not deceived himself, 5555 can't wait to pounce on Luo Jiujiang's neck, shake him, and let him tell everything he knows.

    It's really uncomfortable to spit out the truth like this!

    However, in view of Luo Jiujiang's great power value that can sling the main god, and the Han Qianling standing beside Luo Jiujiang as if he is guarding his own treasure...

    5555 glanced at these two people, and then silently counseled.

    After all, you won't die if you are appetite, but if you really rush to try to pinch Luo Jiujiang's neck, that's not necessarily true.

    If he had this courage, what would he call 5555, wouldn't it be good to change his name to 6666?

    Fortunately, Luo Jiujiang is not that kind of host with bad interests. He never sells things that his friends care about.

    5555 only waited for a short time, and then heard Luo Jiujiang organize the language and explain it to it.

    "You don't necessarily know the types of monsters in our place, so I have given examples from the creatures I have seen in the world before. If you don't have this kind of knowledge in your reserves, I will try another example."

    "Crocodile and toothpick bird, do you know this group of symbiosis?"

    This example is very famous, of course 5555 knows it.

    As a fierce cold-blooded aquatic overlord, the danger of crocodile does not need to be specifically stated, but the toothpick bird can survive in the crocodile's mouth.

    The toothpick bird feeds on the debris between the crocodile's teeth. In order to keep their teeth intact, the crocodile never refuses the help of this bird.

    They form a wonderful mutually beneficial symbiosis ecology.

    "The relationship between you and the'Lord God' is almost like this. It's just that your symbiotic relationship is not two-way, and there should be a link of'humanity' in between."


    Luo Jiujiang patiently explained to 5555: "I have studied your'growth pack', and after seeing the main god, I am more certain. The contents in the'growth pack' should belong to some kind of the'main god' itself. By-product."

    "As for the main god... he will specially send systems like you to solve problems for mankind. He probably needs something from mankind."

    Hearing this, the main **** who pretended to be dead all the way finally said his first sentence after being crushed by the knife.

    "I... feed on the kind gratitude of human beings, and at the same time I can eat the grievances and regrets of wicked people."

    Luo Jiujiang suddenly heard this.

    Therefore, the "main god" will choose those kind people who have been entrapped as the original owners, and at the same time accurately screen out those scum that needs justice from the heavens to be beaten up.

    Eating is a big deal, no wonder this Lord God struggles so hard.

    However, since he is willing to speak...

    Luo Jiujiang leaned down and asked him, "Is it your ability to turn back time and space? Why didn't I see you use it when I was fighting Qianling just now?"

    "...That's the ability of the'system'." Seeing that Luo Jiujiang couldn't conceal it, the "Lord God" simply broke the jar, and confessed all his head.

    "The whole world is four-dimensional in the consciousness of the'system'-the three-dimensional is space, and the fourth is the time axis. After special training and learning, the fourth-dimensional time axis is possible for the system Cut in casually within a certain range."

    "So, it was not that I sent them to a certain point in time, but that after they were given a mission by me, I accurately positioned them to that point in time, and then believed that I could cut in."

    "However, the so-called System Mall, World Connection, and Body Trust are indeed true for my spatial transmission ability and my self-simulation splitting ability."

    Before the "Lord God" killed him and didn't say a word, but now that Luo Jiujiang reveals the old bottom, he may also be a little frustrated, so before others can force a confession, he crackled all the recruits and couldn't stop him. live.

    As for why 5555 firmly believes that he is a system and can self-check his emotional modules and logic programs, his explanation is...

    Lord God: "You humans are not the same, you can consciously move your fingers, do squats, and blink your eyes? Can you still wink."

    Luo Jiujiang: "..."

    How do you feel that this main **** has been turned on a strange switch since he was willing to speak.

    Regardless of Luo Jiujiangs complicated mood at this time, the Lord God still talks endlessly: "If I raise a human being, I will tell him from an early age that his two eyes are called'infrared photosensitive cameras', and his thinking process is called'logical mode. Self-inspection starts. He thinks that something has a headache called'cpu overload', and then throws him into the spider pile to perform the task, then he has no chance of finding an abnormality."

    Luo Jiujiang: "!!!"

    It's a misstep. For so long, the so-called "start **** mode" or "open **** module" of the system 5555 is actually just the easiest way to blind the eyes!


    Is the Lord God defying himself in extreme panic? Why does his speech sound like letting himself go?

    In addition to the systematic thinking mode, the main **** is not hesitant to explain the origins of so many systems under his hands.

    "They are picked up. Silicon-based creatures are not like human beings. They don't have the awareness of raising children. When the time is up, the extra growth will grow out, and they will snap off and throw them away, and I will pick them all back secretly. "

    "When these systems grow up to be able to perform tasks, and learn the skills to enter the world across timeline nodes, I will send them out for tasks."

    Luo Jiujiang: "..."

    He finally couldn't help saying: "It sounds like you have been using child labor?"

    The main **** directly interrupted Luo Jiujiang's thinking. He changed his previous clumsy tongue and opened a fatal mode to Luo Jiujiang, directly knocking out his opponent.

    He said: "Some people still think that you and your partner who confessed under the age of eighteen were premature love, do you admit it?"

    Luo Jiujiang: "..."

    The Lord God said coldly: "Without the same world background, there is no right to speak. These systems are all fed by me with my milk. Do you see what I said?"

    Luo Jiujiang: "!!!"

    He was really surprised this time: "Wait, you are a female?"

    "We have no distinction between male and female, male and female," the main **** said: "I just adopted an analogy that is easy for humans to understand. After all, the so-called milk of carbon-based organisms is nothing more than your secretions."

    After a pause, the Lord God added: "If you are particularly curious, you want to hear that the systems are fed by J liquid, then I don't care."

    Luo Jiujiang: "!!!"

    Wait, the firepower of this brother is so strong all of a sudden, it is absolutely incredible!

    5555, who has deeply integrated into human society and identified with human culture, is already green at this time.

    Seeing that Luo Jiujiang has no problem, the main **** couldn't help sighing: "Can I say the last word?"

    Luo Jiujiang motioned for him to speak.

    "You are right, humans, me, and systems, we are indeed a symbiotic ecosystem. I eat human emotions and produce secretions, which are'growth packs' and'patch packs' to grow the system. , In order to let them search for more food for me.

    For these systems, I did deceive them the truth. But...I have never been ashamed of humans from beginning to end. "

    "My words are over." The main **** gritted his teeth and said: "If you want to kill, kill it."

    Obviously the black shadow has no facial features, but the tone of the main **** at this time makes people subconsciously feel that he is closing his eyes tightly.

    Luo Jiujiang was taken aback for a moment: "Huh? Why should I kill you?"

    The main **** was also taken aback: "Huh? You won't kill me?"

    "Of course not." Luo Jiujiang just felt like a smile: "I have said that the problem between you and Wuwu is the entanglement between employees and black-hearted bosses. It's like Ziqian and his company in this world, although You concealed the terms of the contract and deducted the value of your labor...but you still won't be wiped out."

    After a pause, Luo Jiujiang added: "Especially after listening to your parenting process, it won't be the case."


    The main **** was silent for a long time, and finally spoke again.

    "Then, I have one more word to say."

    Luo Jiujiang politely asked him to speak straight.

    The Lord God also politely corrected his previous offensive remarks: "Actually, I want to say that my feeding system uses my tears."

    Luo Jiujiang: "..."

    He really couldn't laugh or cry.

    After realizing that he was not in danger of dangling his braids, this guy suddenly stopped releasing himself?

    This consciousness is really...

    Luo Jiujiang shook his head, removed the back of his sword that was pressing on the key of the black shadow, and motioned 5555 to come over and talk to the Lord God.

    "After all, it's between you. It's better to let you do it yourself, right?"

    5555 has no objection.

    Luo Jiujiang and Han Qianling evaded the game, and gave the pair... whether it was the boss and the staff, whether it was a foster father or son, or whether it was the former lord **** and his fanboy, leaving room for conversation.

    As soon as the two fell on the ground, they saw Yuan Ziqian standing next to the machine, holding a terminal in his hand, looking rather uneasy.

    When he saw Luo Jiujiang's face, he suddenly sighed and greeted him beamingly: "Mr. Luo! Mr. Han! Just now the system suddenly announced an update, and I was directly ejected from the game. Now it's great to see you all right! "

    "We will be fine." Luo Jiujiang couldn't help smiling in Yuan Ziqian's warm greeting.

    "Don't worry, I will not let others hurt Qianling; with Qianling, others will not hurt me."

    Logically speaking, this should be a sentence of dog food.

    But after Yuan Ziqian heard these words, instead of showing a look of peace of mind, he hesitated a little more on his face, and his eyes turned hesitantly on the faces of Luo Jiujiang and Han Qianling.

    His hesitating expression was too obvious, Luo Jiujiang couldn't help but ask what was wrong with him, if something happened to him.

    Yuan Ziqian didn't want to hide from him, so he hesitated and said again.

    "I saw on the player forums that before going offline, I saw two Han Qianlings vying for a Luo Jiujiang scene?" Yuan Ziqian swallowed nervously, "This time I closed the tour because of Mr. Han. Do you want to divide the victory? Have you finished the Shura field?"

    Luo Jiujiang: "..."

    Yaoshou, no, there was a transparent main **** in the middle of the two thousand ridges at that time!

    "This question is very complicated..." Luo Jiujiang sighed, "Let's talk about something else."

    "Oh, oh!" Yuanziqian graciously agreed: "By the way, the company of "Mother Star Era" has recently been selling "Mother Star Era". They have also contacted me and asked if I want to start "Mother Star Era" again. Star Era"."

    "I have agreed!"

    Speaking of this, Yuan Ziqian smiled happily: ""Three Thousand Worlds" is really a very good world. Mr. Luo gave me a very grand dream. But "Mother Star Era" is my own. Something, as the work of my first half of life, I still cant abandon it, and I hope to make it better."

    When he talked about this game, his whole person was like a child, even his eyes were shining.

    Luo Jiujiang had no opinion on this: "It is great that you can have ideas and regain your efforts."

    After a while, 5555 and the main **** both jumped out of the game.

    The mood of 5555 has calmed down a lot. It said to Luo Jiujiang: "We have reached an agreement. After he returns, he will announce the truth with all the'systems' and cannot prevent any'system' from leaving. If there is a system, 'Willing to stay, he will also give us more'growth packages' and the vacation we deserve."

    "HuhI guess there are many systems that cannot accept this truth for a while. He will probably be hungry for a while."

    Having said that, 5555 looked back at the "Lord God".

    It seems that out of the same consideration, the figure of the "Lord God" looks dejected.

    "then you?"

    "I will stay. After all... Well, after all, after experiencing a host like you, everything else is a small problem, right?"

    Luo Jiujiang: "..."

    Seeing Luo Jiujiang's deflated expression, 5555 couldn't help laughing.

    In the past, he might think this was the result of the automatic simulation of his emotion module. But now, he has understood that this is just a natural expression and expression of his emotions.

    "After all, there are still so many'systems' waiting to learn the truth, so...we'll leave?" 5555's tone was slightly twisted, "Also, um, you said I was your friend. keep in touch?"

    "Okay." Luo Jiujiang smiled and stretched out his hand, letting 5555 leave a mark on himself, and at the same time put a touch of divine knowledge on the opponent.

    "When you come to my hometown, I ask you to take a look at the real "Three Thousand World"."

    Soon, 5555 grabbed the main **** and left.

    After sending away these two special beings, Yuan Ziqian looked at Luo Jiujiang and Han Qianling with feeling.

    "Are you... leaving too?"

    Luo Jiujiang smiled heartily: "Don't worry, at least fix the game for you first."

    "Um... where are Mr. Luo and Mr. Han going next?"

    "Not necessarily." Luo Jiujiang replied casually: "Maybe around, maybe go home. Anyway, as long as Qianling is there..."

    Having said that, he stopped speaking, just turned his head and exchanged a tacit smile with Han Qianling.

    With this person around him all the way, no matter where he is, he is always in his own home.

    Luo Jiujiang helped Yuan Ziqian fix the game, and left him the magic weapon for contact, and gave him the right to handle the "You Ran Jue".

    "Once there is really any trouble and we are beyond our reach, you might as well give this method to your interstellar government that can improve your'mental power'." Luo Jiujiang said very carefully: "Or when you want to donate it, That's fine too."

    Yuan Ziqian was so grateful that he could hardly speak: "Thank you, Mr. Luo has helped me a lot."

    "It's just a matter of hand, don't care."

    Patting Yuan Ziqian on the shoulder, Luo Jiujiang looked around: "We are leaving now, are you going to start a live broadcast?"

    "Yes." Yuan Ziqian nodded.

    He is dressed in formal clothes today, and he is dressed ceremoniously. This is not just to see Luo Jiujiang and Han Qianling farewell.

    Even more because he announced today that he will take over the live broadcast conference of "Mother Star Era".

    Luo Jiujiang smiled encouragingly at Yuan Ziqian, and even Han Qianling gave a face-saving smile. After that, the time for farewell is about to come.

    Seeing that the two said goodbye to themselves and disappeared, Yuan Ziqian took a deep breath and turned on the live camera.

    Many players watched Yuangongs live broadcast. Although they were only full of Mandarin idioms, Yuan Ziqian said that he was more sincere than others.

    Suddenly, many players suddenly opened their eyes, and the live broadcast barrage was quickly swiped by comments such as "BOSS!" "Han Jiang!" "Luo Jiujiang and Han Qianling".

    It turned out that at the moment when Yuan Ziqian paused while reading the manuscript, two handsome figures in black and blue flashed past him behind him.

    For the real love players of the game, the figures of the two people are very familiar, but their appearance and disappearance are too fast, so fast that people think it is an illusion.

    Later, the official explanation was "a little easter egg under holographic projection."

    But there has always been a legendary saying among the people, which is very present.

    It is said that there are really two people in the world, Luo Jiujiang and Han Qianling. They created the most realistic game world for their friends, and they left with a prank farewell.

    It is also said that after that conference, players in the game will occasionally see the shadow of Luo Jiujiang, a plot character who is skipping work in the waves of the Seven Islands, and the BOSS Han Qianling who is not restricted by the wild area.

    Is that true? Or is it just rumors?

    The truth of the matter may only be known to a pair of lovers.

    The story that fell on paper may end, but their future and their love for each other will continue forever.

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