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    Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby Xoxo Volume 2 Chapter 365 Damn Son You've Got Some Skills There

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    The next morning, when Gu Mengmeng was cuddling in Elvis's arms as they returned back to the campsite, there were half a dozen males around the half female. Gu Mengmeng could not help but exclaimed, "How efficient."

    "Messenger, hello." The half female came up and bowed at Gu Mengmeng. She looked tamed and respectful, without any indications of intending to play tricks with Gu Mengmeng unlike yesterday.

    Gu Mengmeng returned her an equally gentle smile and said, "Don't have to be so polite since we all are in a tribe already. You can call me Gu Mengmeng like the rest."

    "How could I? You are the great Messenger," the half female said as she panicked.

    Gu Mengmeng squinted her eyes and smiled, thinking to herself that she kept saying the word 'messenger' to attract more attention to her. Before this, the stupid Nina had spread the words that she might be the Messenger of the Beast Deity and she almost died under Dumbo's hands. Tsk tsk, what a gentle blade, pushing her to the waves and storms.

    But sadly, Gu Mengmeng did not plan on hiding her identity as the Messenger of the Beast Deity, or else she would not have participated in this foodie competition disguised as a beauty pageant.

    If you want to play

    Then do it.

    Gu Mengmeng patted on Elvis shoulder, signally for him to put her down. She walked slowly to the female, looked at her up and down and asked, "What's your name?"

    "Ellie," The half female answered obediently.

    Gu Mengmeng nodded her head and continued asking, "Ellie, how many of our men have you mated with yesterday?"

    Ellie looked back shyly, looked at the males crowding by her side and answered, "Four."

    "Ah" Gu Mengmeng nodded her head approvingly, before continuing to look closely at her.

    Ellie lowered her head shyly and said, "Although I am just a half female, but I will do my part in solving the mating problem for our tribe. As long as they do not dislike me for being a half female, I will give them chances to show their loyalty to me."

    Frowning, Gu Mengmeng signaled a stop sign and asked, "You have mated with four males, then where are your mating marks?"

    Ellie's eyebrows dropped, she bit her tongue and remained quiet like a little lily, as though she was going to break into tears at any moment.

    "Reporting to the Messenger," Ellie's first partner, the one that was held onto by her to ask for forgiveness to Elvis, stood in front of Gu Mengmeng, hugged Ellie's shoulders as a form of comfort, before explaining for Ellie, "Our mating marks are all on Ellie's tail. Because she is a half female, the scales covered the marks and they could not be seen. Ellie had been upset the whole night because of this So Messenger, please do not continued to question her."

    "Oh" Gu Mengmeng nodded her head in sudden realization, thinking to herself, "Damn son, you've got some skills there, pulling people to your side in such a short time."

    However this might not need much skill after all.

    On the topic of how the males in the Beast World were blinded by love, just look at Quentin and anyone would know.

    Since they had already mated, he naturally would have to side towards his female. Gu Mengmeng did not naively believe that the whole world would be on her side. Hence, she did not expose anything, just cooperated with Ellie's acting, held her hand and said, "Idiot, this isn't your fault, why are you so upset?"