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    Chapter 140 Sword God

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    Li Xiandao continued to search for the second tomb. He was really quick and the second tomb was quite compatible with him.

    Sword God!

    He was also an unbelievably strong cultivator from over 30,000 years ago, and was from the same era as Zhao Wudi. Unfortunately, the Sword God was at his peak only for a very short time. He charged into the Celestial World and killed many experts before he himself was finally killed.

    Zhao Wudi, the War God, didnt have a battle with the Sword God.

    Now, they were laying on this mountain less than 1,000 apart from one another, and were able to speak through the air.

    Li Xiandao was filled with more anticipation for this Sword God compared to Zhao Wudi as he too used the sword. He really wanted to know how amazing the Sword God who reached Celestial World was.

    Sword Gods tomb was really simple; it was just a tombstone on a hill. In front of it were several blooming flowers that swung along with the wind.

    Li Xiandao stood in front of the tomb and he felt an extremely terrifying sword energy. The aura overwhelmed him and sent a chill down his spine.

    When it pierced through Li Xiandaos body, it didnt leave a mark at all.

    "You cultivate the sword too?" Sword Gods remnant soul appeared and he asked curiously.

    The Sword God was a thin old man whose hair was in a bun. His eyes shone brightly and he stood with his hands behind his back.

    Li Xiandao nodded his head and said, "Big River Sword!"

    Sword God understood and said, "I have heard of it before. A great cultivator created it while admiring the Celestial Worlds milky way and it has a deeper meaning of the sword coming from the heavens."

    Li Xiandao looked at Sword God and asked, "What sword do you train in?"

    "Me?" Sword Gods lips curled up, "A sword that kills!"

    A will to fight appeared in Li Xiandaos eyes and he said, "Can you show it to me?"

    "It might kill you!" Sword God said.

    "I am not afraid." Li Xiandao smiled and said confidently.

    "Okay, then bring it on." Sword God nodded his head in satisfaction and then stepped out.


    At that instant, the mountain collapsed, the oceans parted, the earth split, and a hole appeared in the air. Numerous streaks of sword energy surged out like hell demons and dragged Li Xiandao down.

    Li Xiandao was caught off guard, his eyes blacked out, and after spitting out a mouthful of blood, he took a step back.

    "You are dead." Sword God said calmly.

    Li Xiandao looked at the sword that pierced his heart and through his body. Suddenly, a bone-deep pain swept his entire body. Li Xiandao muttered, "So, this is what death feels like. How terrifying."

    Sword God stood tall with his arms behind his back. He just looked calmly at Li Xiandao without much care at all.

    Li Xiandao slowly pulled the sword out from his heart. He then saw how it started to fade and disappear. "Continue."

    "I will only kill you nine times today. As for how much you can comprehend, it will depend on you." Sword God said calmly.

    Li Xiandao nodded his head. He didnt care about his injuries and looked at Sword God with determination.

    "Second sword! Sword God took another step forwards.


    A similar scene appeared. It was extremely terrifying, but since Li Xiandao had experienced it before, he didnt fear anything.


    Li Xiandao used his hand as a sword, closed his eyes, and slashed forwards. He directly shattered the attack.

    Sword God looked at Li Xiandao in shock and didnt understand what was going on, "How did you comprehend it so quickly? This sword has the same foundations as the previous one but the technique is different. It is impossible that you even noticed it, much less blocked it."

    Li Xiandao said calmly, "That is because the same move is ineffective against me!"

    Sword God frowned. This time he pulled out his sword and did a simple stab!

    This strike was the move that Sword God used the most in his entire life.

    It was also his most ordinary strike.

    Who knew how many people had died to it?

    This sword condensed the Sword Gods sword intent, the madness of someone who covered the world in death and killing, the persistence in not ending a battle until either he or the opponent died. Li Xiandao saw it all.

    He couldnt block it!

    Li Xiandao stabbed his sword out at the same time, but Sword Gods sword was faster, stronger, and even more fierce.


    Li Xiandaos heart was pierced once more.

    He was dead once again!

    Sword God looked calmly as Li Xiandao pulled out and shattered the sword energy in his body.

    His heart was stabbed twice and he didnt bother to heal it. He just left it there, the pain reaching deep into his bones. However, Li Xiandao didnt even frown or exhale in pain.

    He looked at Sword God. His expression was really calm but the sword energy around him had turned into its physical form. The sword energy was like sharp blades, giving off a threatening aura.

    It was the same thing for Sword God. He realized that Li Xiandao was a respectable person and his determination was something that a normal person wouldnt have had.

    "I attacked three times and killed you twice. I have already said that I will kill you nine times." Sword God said.

    Li Xiandao shook his head and said, "That is not going to happen."

    Sword God frowned as he looked at Li Xiandao.

    "I have understood most of your Sword Dao from that sword. Whatever you do next, you will not be able to kill me. Instead, I will be killing you once." Li Xiandao said confidently.

    Sword God looked at Li Xiandao with a weird expression and felt that he was telling a lame joke and was just trying to make him laugh.

    However, he noticed that Li Xiandao was serious and was prepared to prove it.

    "Since you are so confident, then try your best." Sword God was enraged. Li Xiandao was just too arrogant.

    Li Xiandao didnt explain anything. He had fully comprehended it, so there was nothing else he had to say to him.

    When he killed him, he would believe that his sword had been fully comprehended.

    He casually picked up a piece of sword energy beside him, took a simple step, and slashed forwards.

    Sword God stabbed him just now.

    It was time for him to slash the Sword God.

    Stabs and slashes were all very common in sword fighting. Normal kids could even do those moves with wooden swords.

    When they reached Li Xiandao and Sword Gods level, they would still be using the same moves.

    That was because the Daos simplest form couldnt break away from those few basic moves.

    Li Xiandaos slash and Sword Gods stab were different, but in essence, they were exactly the same.

    That was because Li Xiandao used the same thing that Sword God used, that madness of someone who covered the world in death and killing, the persistence in not ending a battle until either he or the opponent died

    Li Xiandaos perfect replication further added to his comprehension of the technique.

    For me to slash you is your honor. You are unable to dodge it and to die from it is a blessing.

    This was how overbearing Li Xiandao was. Sword God was shocked and retreated. All the sword energy around his body shot out and tried to block Li Xiandao.

    But Li Xiandao was not a person who he could block.

    The magical aura that turned the world on its head was perfectly displayed in Li Xiandaos body.


    Li Xiandao was extremely quick. Before Sword Gods sword energy even reached him, he slashed towards Sword Gods chest.

    One hand was holding his sword and the other was pushing the sword handle down to slash forwards.

    Sword God looked at Li Xiandao in shock. He didnt expect that in just three short attacks, Li Xiandao would be able to comprehend the sword intent and Sword Dao he took his whole life to understand.

    Li Xiandao placed the sword energy down and continued to walk up the mountain. Sword God was of no help to him anymore.

    Li Xiandao suddenly felt that the Celestials in Celestial World were too weak to be so easily massacred by Sword Gods attacks. As for him, he was able to understand and counter Sword Gods attacks in just such a short time.