Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 105

    Chapter 105 Sorry

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    Nan Zhi was not wearing a bra and after unfastening a few of her buttons, a large section of her snow-white skin was revealed.

    She refused to let him continue and held on to her pajamas tightly with both hands.

    Mu Sihan frowned. He had a quick glance and saw the bruises on her snow white skin.

    She was right. He was an as*hole to her last night.

    But he was too used to getting his way. Even if he realized he was in the wrong, he could not make himself apologize.

    Nan Zhi buttoned up her pajamas.

    She lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes casting two shadows on her face. He moved his thin lips slightly. “Give me your hand.”

    Nan Zhi did not know what he wanted to do and met with his gaze for a few seconds before losing under his dark and domineering gaze.

    She stretched out a hand.

    Her fingers were slender and long, her nails were clean and trimmed neatly. She did not paint her nails, it was a natural color. He resisted the impulse to bite them and said in an unnatural voice, “Close your eyes.”

    Nan Zhi looked at him and before she could ask him anything, she heard him shouting at her impatiently, “I asked you to close your eyes.”

    Nan Zhi cursed him like a madwoman in her heart and closed her eyes under his strong aura and bad attitude.

    About three seconds later, his finger brushed over her palm.

    It was a little numb.

    She tried to pull back her hand but he held on tightly.

    “Don’t open your eyes, feel it yourself.”

    Nan Zhi was attacking him in her mind, what did this bad-tempered man want?

    As she was feeling puzzled, she suddenly felt his fingertip drawing a S shape.

    She furrowed her brows slightly.

    Next, he drew an O

    She pursed her lips.

    Then, it was two R’s.

    Lastly, a Y.

    Nan Zhi opened her eyes abruptly. The man probably did not expect her to look at him suddenly and he froze, took back his hand and stared at her with his dark eyes. “Who asked you to open your eyes?”

    He shouted at her again.

    Nan Zhi bit her lips and was not bothered by his bad temper. “You’re telling me you’re sorry?”

    His jaw tightened and denied vehemently, “No!”

    Nan Zhi opened her mouth and before she could say anything, the man walked passed her and left in a hurry.

    Nan Zhi glanced at his departing figure and caught a glimpse of his ears. Am I seeing wrong? She swore they were actually a tinged red…

    She had never seen anyone who apologized in such a strange way. Refusing to admit after apologizing and even turning red in the ears after!

    But, did he think by just writing a ‘sorry’, she would forgive all the things he had done to her last night?

    Those kind of despicable actions would probably traumatize her for life!

    Nan Zhi returned to Xiaojie’s room after washing and hanging the clothes at the balcony.

    Before she entered, she heard Xiaojie’s unhappy mutter. “Why is it that Pretty Zhizhi can’t beat me at all, but you can be so much faster than me?”

    This was followed by the hateful man’s arrogant voice. “I have an IQ of 280. It was a piece of cake winning again you, little brat.”

    Mu Sihan then lowered his voice and said something in Xiaojie’s ear. Nan Zhi could not hear what he had said.

    Nan Zhi went to the door and saw Mu Sihan’s large palm patting Xiaojie’s shoulder. “You’re not bad, you’re above primary school level.”

    Xiaojie pouted and said, “Of course, I am much smarter than my peers.”

    “Not only are you smarter than your peers, you’re smarter than your Mommy.”

    Nan Zhi frowned in dissatisfaction. Did that mean her IQ was worse than a primary school child?

    And since when did Xiaojie become so familiar with this guy?