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    Volume 2: University Arc Chapter 47 Valentines Event

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    -14th February...

    Day of lovers, It's the day when couples formed. Everyone was filled with love and romance. But soojin wasn't evolved in such things.

    "Soojin, I like you.Please be my girlfriend." Robin said. Everyone look in awe. Robin was handsome and rich guy whereas soojin was beautiful and silent lady.

    People really don't know anything about soojin. They didn't know she was eldest missue of yong. She was successful to hide her identity.

    People hallucinations ends when they hear soojin. "I'm sorry but I don't see you like that.... Sorry" Soojin excused herself.

    Soojin regret to come to college today. She knew that something like this might be happen.

    She hurriedly walk out of college and as she walk in the road, she looked at lovers. They looked cute.....she didn't know why but today she miss someone but don't know who?

    Soojin enter into her car and play music.

    ~Don't push me~

    Don't push me away,

    don't leave me

    Even though you make me cry

    Even though you hurt me

    But please know this

    You are my last love

    Don't push me away, don't leave me

    Don't push me away and leave

    I only have you

    Don't go, if you love me

    Don't leave me

    Forever be by my side

    Even tomorrow

    When I hold you in my arms

    My heart starts to flutter

    Please move my heart

    Can you tell me

    that you love me, just once?

    My heart is racing.

    Soojin abruptly trun off the song. Soojin didn't know why her heartache. Maybe because of songs? She feels really sad like she forget someone she shouldn't.

    When she drive toward her apartment, she got message. It was from unknown number. The message was simple. 'Happy valentine, My dear.'

    Soojin keep staring at messages. It was from unknown number but she feel somewhat sincerity.

    She want to call back or text back but she decided it was quite inappropriate since she didn't who really was? And she didn't want to get into any trouble.


    City A, Korea

    "Boss..... The boy name Robin proposed missue today." Assistant Lee suk said while he was praying for Robin soul.

    "Did she accept or reject?" Kim hae jin asked.

    "Missy reject him." kim hae jin smiled as he was expecting this.

    'Darling whether you remember me or not but you won't give my place in your heart to others.' Kim hae jin thought intrupt by Assistant Lee, "Boss what should I do to that man"

    "Assistant Lee, Just chill out. You don't have to do anything. Just make him vegetarian for his rest of life."

    °-song title is -Don't push me- by Wendy&seulgi.°