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    Volume 2: University Arc Chapter 45 First Day Of College

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    Soojin feel like she was about to blast out in anger. Her mood was spoiled so she decided to went back to her apartment.

    - - - -

    Kim hae jin was shocked and startled.

    He keep staring her back. She looked like fuming lioness who was about to kill her pry.

    'Babe.... Long time no see.' He smiled before going back to the car.

    "Let's go." Kim hae jin order.

    "Yes Boss " The driver start to drive.

    Kim hae jin continues to work on the laptop. Lee suk took a deep breath before opening his mouth. "Boss...Are you fine?"

    "~Sigh~I'm not sure." kim hae jin said before closing his eyes.

    'How can I be fine? Can I? My only one love forget me. She didn't even know my existence. She forgot everything between us. She forgot about our relationship. She can forget me but she can't forget our relation.... Our... Love..... Maybe.....'

    Kim hae jin had come to the USA to make sure that she will fine. He know that he can rely on yong but he want to make sure that she fine and secure.

    The identity of yong soojin isn't simple. She can hide her identity from the world but it is not easy to safe from the eyes of enemies.

    As a yong miss of yong.... Everyone eyed on her heels so they can pull her off and if anybody knew that she was related with young successor kim hae jin. It will be no longer nice. So kim hae jin want to secure her security.


    The week spend in the blink. It was the first day of her college. She was excited to see her college and make new friends so she didn't even sleep.

    She quickly took her bath and changed inro college wear.

    She start her car and starts to drive to college. College wasn't far from her apartment so she got their in 10 minutes.

    It wasn't hard to find because of brief explanation of Principal. She had met him on the way to the class.

    Soojin got into the class. Everyone in the class look at her. She was like snow white. Beautiful word will be less in front of her.

    "Student Today we have a new exchanged student. Please introduce yourself." The homeroom teacher said.

    "Hello everyone... I'm Yong soojin. Please take care of me." Soojin greet and then make her way to empty seats.

    "Hello... I'm Mia. Happy to meet you.."Mia greet soojin before instructing her to sit next to her.

    " Hello mia.... Happy to see you. "

    " I am Russian-Korean and how about you? "Mia asked.

    " Uh.... I am Korean." They smile each other and then keep their focus on the lecture.