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    Volume 2: University Arc Chapter 44 Encounter With Rich Bastard

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    12 march 2014(4 years before)

    Soojin leave to the USA for foreign study. Really... For study... well actually No. She leave Korea because she can't handle emotionally blackmail of her family.

    As the eldest miss of yong, They want to introduce her as CEO of yong and that's what she didn't want to do most.

    She wanted to enjoy her life freely. She want to travel, study and read. She don't want to live like working donkey. Soojin wasn't aways same like this.

    Before she want to be perfect, rich and well known. She wants to take over yong co-operation so her family can relax and when her brother gets ready enough she will return him everything. She always think about money and money but....things got changed after that accident.

    Soojin didn't remember anything. She knew that she got into accident. As her family and friends it was hit and run case.

    When soojin wake up she realized that she might have lost some part of her memory... She feel different from before but she really doesn't care.

    For some reason she feels good that she had accident... Her family got everything that she wished.

    One day she asked her Family if she can go to USA for study. At first they refused but some attempt to pray her family she got permission to go USA.


    It has been a while since she lived in the USA. It wasn't hard to live in the USA as her parents prepare everything for her.

    They arranged apartment and her parents live with her for a while to make sure that she didn't get any trouble.

    Soojin went out to stroll around. It was normal day for her. She feels lonely a little because her parents return Korea yesterday and she didn't have any class till next week.

    She was about to cross the road when she got hit by car. Soojin want to barg for rash driving but she doesn't want to spoil her day so she decided not to say anything but when she heard the driver shouting and his master to barg about his money she loose her temper.

    "cut the crap and name the price..."

    Soojin almost gone crazy and lost her mind, She almost hit him hard. "Rich baster like you don't know value of live.... Take it and keep it Change.... Go and see to doctor... Just live a good life rich bastard and don't ever let me see your face." Soojin spill everything and leave the scene.