Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
OngoingBook 3 Chapter 72

    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 3 Chapter 72

    Volume 3: Love In Air Chapter 72 Movie Day

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    Kim hae Jin want to bicker and want them to apologize for calling him stupid but. But... But... He was afraid. Afraid of his wife and her bold actions. Which were enough to make him beg.

    After some thought he finalized that it's better to keep silent before his woman made him speechless.

    Kim hae Jin sometime regert of his past doing, he had been getting paid for his past actions. He really knows his mistakes and want to make... Things right.

    _ _ -_ _

    After that bickering section, They eat their breakfast silently and decided to watch movies together. They watched Dumbo and Aladdin.

    (The first was Dumbo, the heartstring-tugging tale of the flying elephant, which stars Colin Farrell as the circus' elephant caretaker. The movie is directed by Tim Burton.) [A/N>recommended this to watch. Really funny and entertaining]

    (The second Disney remake of 2019 is Aladdin, from the frenetic director of Snatch and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. ) [Thrilling and entertaining] =>(Source Wikipedia & personal experience)

    Little bun was tired from the morning walk so he dozed off before second movie Aladdin interval.

    Soojin look at Little bun sleep. So she tried to take him to his room (Or she was trying to run off) But Kim hae Jin request to finish movie first.

    Both of them were silent. They were enjoying the movie and each other company silently. Little bun was sleeping in the middle of them. Head on mother's lap and butt toward his dad. (Haha... Same as me in my childhood memories during movie night/Daylight)