Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Volume 3: Love In Air Chapter 70 Kiss

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    Little bun look at me, I look at him. It continues for few seconds (Which I felt like centuries)

    Little bun hesitant awhile, He moved his head upside to down.

    He said yes. Yes!!!!!

    Soojin:"Baby are you saying yes? You are agreeing to learn things from the te..... I mean mommy's friends?"

    Little bun look at his mother blankly. Maybe he was just wondering what made mommy to much excited.

    Kim hae Jin come next to Soojin and pat soojin head before carrying Little bun.

    Kim hae Jin :" your mom is happy to know that her lazy son is getting some good skill in his hands."

    Kim hae Jin stupid comment made both Soojin and Little bun starlet.

    Soojin : "Don't listen to your stupid dad. Mommy is happy that you will be able to protect mommy."

    Her statement made Little bun happy and Kim hae Jin kind of.... Speechless?!?

    Soojin :"Baby Busy yourself while mommy cook tasty food for you. Go"

    Little bun slip down and went to his room. When Soojin casually went to kitchen. She started to made food.

    Kim hae Jin :"You think your husband is stupid?"

    His sudden question made Soojin jump in the surprise. She was unaware of him following from the beginning.

    Soojin :"I....."

    Soojin was really speechless right now. He roughly pulled her toward him. She was too afraid when he asked her questions and when he suddenly pulled her, She was really shocked and lost her balance.


    Soojin face hit on the Kim hae Jin. She looked at him . Her eyes were filled with questions. Kim hae Jin hungrily move his hand over her waist, as her hand were on hischest, she seemed to be confused whether to pull or push.

    The lights dim, as the opening trailers start up, but their mind barely notices. Kim hae Jin Lean in and tilt his head slightly to her level.

    Her Lip were baby pink. Kim hae Jin ....Simply pressmy lips against her. She blink her eyes rapidly before she could struggle against him. he hungrily Open her lips slightly with his and slowly but demanding kiss her.

    At first Soojin struggle against me but slowly her body gave in. She tried not to respond to Kim hae Jin kisses but her lips gave up.

    After kissing for a while, Kim hae Jin only part away from Soojin when Both of them huff due to the lack of oxygen.

    Kim hae Jin was really satisfied with Slow Sensual and passionate kiss. He Kiss on her head before running away from the crime scene.