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    Volume 3: Love In Air Chapter 66 Plan : Little Bun's Health

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    Soojin neither wanted to wake little bun nor wanted him to get laid off.

    She decided to take a quick shower before waking him.

    - - -

    After a quick shower. She wake little bun.

    Soojin : "Baby! Time to wake up"

    Little bun look at soojin with drowsy eyes (pleading to let him sleep a little while longer)

    Soojin : "Nah... Not going to happen. Get up. We're going to be early bird from today.

    Do you know that legend says, "The early bird gets the worm - the second mouse gets the cheese" And I don't want you to miss any worm and have cheese instead."

    Little bun:"- - - - - " (blankly staring soojin)

    Soojin: " Too much nonsense?? Baby I know you don't like to wake up early but I'm doing all this for you. You don't want to be lazy hag like you father, Do you? "

    Little bun swing his head as no. Soojin smiled as her little victory.

    Soojin : "Then you should wake up early, do yoga and exercise. Baby you should be active and healthy to take care of your mother. You want to protect me from devil and ghost, Don't you?"

    Little bun : "I want" [He said while his eyes were twinkling]

    Soojin : "Baby is the best. Let me help you with cleaning up and then let's go over jogging"