Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Late in the night, Soojin, Kim hae jin and little bun were lying in bed. Little bun was sound sleeping where Kim hae jin and soojin were wide awake.

    Both of them were busy with their own million thoughts running through their head .

    Kim hae jin was trying to control his urge. He did not want to scare soojin by jumping at her or do something regretful.

    He knew that she was wide awake even when she was closing her eyes and pretending.

    Soojin couldn't help but thinking her next step would be. She's concerned about little bun.

    For her, This marriage was just contract.

    She never thought of giving it try. She knew that she's getting closer to Kim family. with them wasn't her plan.

    - - - - - - - - -

    The next morning, soojin was woken up by alarm.

    Rather than turning her phone off, her first reaction was to turn her head over to look at her side .

    Sure enough, Kim hae jin had already left. She turned to look at her little son. He was peacefully sleeping.

    Plainly speaking of sleep, it was a tragedy. Both of them couldn't sleep well.

    Only little bun sleep well.

    It wasn't first time that they slept together but their thoughts were too wild and bitter that they were unable to sleep.

    She dazedly groped for the phone and pressed off button.