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    Soojin prov~

    I don't have any idea what they were thinking? All I think is little bun must be angry with me because of morning incident. I have to apologize him later.

    Then what happened to Why is he acting like a child? Why is he angry? And why I am bothered with his childish behavior?

    -uffff- I just need hot steam shower. After that I will think a way to deal with both children.

    - - - -

    After showing I went to the kitchen. I boil 2 glass of milk. I put turmeric, Honey and cinnamon in one cups and chocolate for last one.

    I went to the alley which joined their rooms. I looked at Kim hae jin door, I decided to give him drink first and then little bun.

    As I knocked at his door, He didn't open. I decided to peek inside, but he wasn't inside. So, I guess he might gone outside.

    After that, I went toward the little bun room. I peek inside, little bun was looking at me. I guess he already knew I was peeking at his room.

    I opened the door and smile shyly or you can say slyly.

    "Baby, Drink this chocolate before sleeping. It will help you to sleep soundly." I said as I pass his chocolate milk.

    He hesitate at first but drink it. He passed me the empty glass.

    "My good boy" He smiled when he heard my praise.

    He looked at another glass of milk as if he was asking why there's another glass.

    "That's for your father. I went to his room but he wasn't there. Did you know where's he?" I asked.

    "I'm here." I heard from behind. The sudden sounds shocked me. I look at back. He was sitting in the sofa. It seemed like he was sitting there for awhile.What I see is....a devil looking at me with his bigbig eyes. It scared me a lot.

    "you were here for a while?" I asked.

    "Hm.... How can you see me? You were busy with your good boy."

    He said like I got caught in middle of having s.e.x with other guys. I didn't know why but I feel both guilty and angry at same time.

    "Here's a cup of turmeric milk for you."I pass him the cup before carrying little bun.

    I put little bun in his bed before getting into the bed with him.

    "Did you drink milk?" Kim hae Jin asked. I look at him and I'm not sure whom he was asking.

    "Me? or Little bun? I don't like milk and for little bun he did." I said in case of misunderstanding.

    "He did? He always ignore me when I ask him to drink milk. Just like his mother." Kim hae Jin said in a small voice and I wasn't able to hear his last words.

    "But whenever I ask him to drink, He never throw tantrum or ignore me. Baby are you doing things because you are afraid of me?" I look at little bun as I feel quite uncomfortable. He always behave good, Never share his mind with me, he even do whatever I asked him. Is he do things because he is afraid of me.

    He shake his head."I am afraid that mom will leave me alone if I became bad boy and then father will marry evil aunt from the town."