Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 3 Chapter 60

    Volume 3: Love In Air Chapter 60 Ex Girlfriend 2

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    " It was nice to meet you." Nishanna said as she smiled.

    Soojin was confused. Neither of them that she is the Then how did she know?

    "I am also glad to meet you but I am wondering how you know that I am"soojin asked her curiously.

    "That?! They keep talking about you like you're like this, You cook this, You do this and don't like this. For the most of time they talk about you and in the dinning they keep looking at you and....."

    Soojin frowned, "They keep talking about me and looking all Time?"

    "Yep, And when you said that we look like a family there face got black as pot..... " As Nishanna was going to talk more about it, Hae Jin and little bun return from the washroom.

    "You're still here?!?" Hae jin coldly said.

    "Jin why are you so rude?I am leaving now." Nishanna asked.

    "Sister Anna, When will you come to visit me?" Little bun said butterly.

    "Soon. *Muah*" Nishanna kissed little bun head and took out name card from her bag and hand it to soojin, "This is my name card. You can call me anytime and then we can go shopping together." soojin subconsciously nod.

    Her mind was filled with the incident happened in the dinner. She remembered that she did not said anything inappropriate then why both Father-Son got sad. She even realize that Nishanna already left.

    Soojin look at the father and son, Both of them glare at her before walking into their representative room. She feels wrongly accused. Both of them were ignoring her. And little bun even don't talk with her for whole time.

    It was not like the other day. Little bun was lively and happy when he saw her. Is it because of morning incident? OR He started to get bored of her and now he want Nishanna to be his mother?