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    Volume 3: Love In Air Chapter 58 Not Good Feeling

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    Little bun did not come out of the room for whole afternoon.

    As soojin need to go branch of editing house for new contract. She also had a meeting with her editor.

    She felt bad to leave little bun like that but she guess she had to. And Kim hae Jin also assured her that he will be fine before her return.

    First she went editing house, There she renew her contract than she went to grab coffee with the editor.

    As they discussed about her new books and time to release her finished book, She loss her track of time.

    It was past 8 pm when they finished her meeting. She got home around 9 and half.

    As she was approaching near the villa, She could hear the voice of the little bun laughing and talking. Soojin smiled, She guessed his mood might got better.

    Soojin press the bellring.


    "Young ma'am! You're back." The young housekeeper greet her.

    She nod in answer and made way to the sound of the little bun. From the far away she could see little bun, His father and someone else were having dinner.

    She silently approach to them. She see a girl of middle 20s. From what she standing, The lady is beautiful, Charming and very close to little bun and Kim hae Jin.

    They were happily chatting and they seemed to like the lady.

    Soojin keep intensely staring at them. She doesn't know why but she feels jealous. She didn't have good feelings about it.

    "You're back?" Soojin was in deep thought when Kim hae Jin broke her intense thought.

    "Um.... I'm back and this is?!" Soojin subconsciously asked.

    "This is..."