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    Volume 3: Love In Air Chapter 57 His Trauma

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    Days went smoothly afterwards. Soojin shift back to the guest room.

    Kim hae jin was slightly disappointed but knowing her temper, He didn't say anything about it.

    Things between them changed for better.At the beginning soojin was unwilling to talk or eat with Kim hae jin but now she was willing to do. People might think that she was opening for Kim hae jin and yes she was. But that wasn't only one reason she was socializing with Kim hae jin for little bun.

    Little bun. Soojin always think that children never should be disrupt by the a.d.u.l.ts business. So, She tired to socialize with Kim hae jin.

    It was one of the peaceful morning, Soojin got up early as usual. She went to the kitchen and helped housekeeper to prepare their breakfast.

    Soojin helped made some chicken soup, egg rolls,toast bread and other side dishes.

    As she finished with her cooking, Kim hae Jin and little bun was on the way to the hall.

    "Good morning mommy." Little bun smile and smile.

    "Good morning baby. Come and eat." Soojin said to little bun. She nod to Kim hae Jin as their communication. Soojin still hesitant to communicate with him.

    As they start eating, They chat a little. Suddenly Soojin remember something so, She asked. "Baby, When your school starts?"

    As the question drop, Kim hae Jin and little bun got freezed. Kim hae Jin look at little bun and then his wife. Little bun face got dark and pale.

    He put his spoon down and said, "I am full" before running to his room.

    Soojin looked at little bun back. She was shocked when he ran out. In this whole month he never misbehave or throw any tantrum but when he heard the name of school he ran away.

    She looked at Kim hae Jin as she was asking him for an explanation.

    "When he was newly joined to school, one day he got kidnapped and got locked for 3 days in storage beside the school. After that he was afaird of school and it's name."

    As he explains Soojin feel more sad and pity for that little bun.

    He was indeed pitiful. He didn't know who's his real mother? He got kidnapped and locked when he was going to start his future. Again he was kidnapped months ago. This child was really crushed.

    "I'm sorry" Soojin said guiltily.

    "Um.... Not your mistake. Maybe if you encourage, He will come out of trauma. Just be patient with him." Kim has Jin assured her.

    Soojin nod.