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    Volume 3: Love In Air Chapter 56 His Fear

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    In these two days, I get to know more about Kim hae jin. He wasn't cruel as I thought he would be.

    He was hot temper but he never showed to me. He got me all my favorite food and sometimes I feel like he knew me from the very beginning.

    - - - - -

    I got discharged after 2 days. When I returned home Kim hae jin parents were already return to main Kim resident.

    Little bun was waiting for me at the front door. When he saw me, He run towards me.

    "Momma, Welcome home."

    I bent down and carried him, "Thank you darling." I kissed his soft cheeks.

    'Kim hae jin pro'

    As a demon CEO, I never feel guilty about my ruthless sins except our past incidents. I always feel guilty for not being able to save her from that incident.

    I know it was my fault and I deserve everything that happing to me. Her cold behavior, her guard against me and the fact she forget me.

    The way she looked at me, talk to me and ignore me, My heart felt ache. I want to tell her that I am the man whom she love. I am her man who she misses and love but now she forgot me. 'HER MAN'

    I want to tell her everything that she forgot but I fear that she will hate me, She will distant from me and never want to see my face. That is the only one thing I fear in my life.

    When she got fainted in the market, My nerves got panicked. Past nightmare got in front my eyes. Everything got blur in my head. All I see was her fainting in my arms and the things I can think is to get her to the hospital.

    I was in deep thought when I heard soojin calling. My thoughts got snapped as i looked at her figures going inside with little bun. She turned over last time before she called out.

    "Mr.Kim let's go"

    Soojin was carrying little bun as she was catching up with little bun. She kissed on his cheek. Little bun seemed to be a little embarrassed but he was enjoying his time with his mother.

    By looking at them, I feel jealous. He was getting kisses while I get deadly stare, He was getting motherly love when I get unwanted distant respect. I know it's ridiculous to get jealous when your wife was loving your son.

    But I can't help but get jealous, I also want to get her kisses, hugs and more intimate things like before.