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    Volume 3: Love In Air Chapter 55 Start To Think About

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    -Present time-

    When I woke up. I saw unfamiliar places. As I was going to call someone help,I heard someone coming.

    "Wife, How you feeling now? Let me call doctor." Mr.Kim said in panic. As he was going to call doctor I stopped him.

    "I am fine. No need to call doctor. Can I ask you why I am here?" I asked him. "As much as I remember we went to shopping and while returning I saw injured person and I blackout? But why I am here in emergency ward?"

    I glare at Kim hae jin as my expression saying that I am waiting for his response.

    He cough awkwardly."Well when you blackout at the market I go panicked and I brought you here. Doctors said that you faint because you can't handle seeing blood and people in the danger. So I wanted to stay here so they can observe your symptoms and can cure."

    "Oh...when can I leave?" I asked him

    "The after tomorrow." Kim hae jin said.

    I look him with seriously. "Are you kidding me? Don't tell me I have serious disease?"

    As I just finished my word. He roared out "No you don't have any serious disease and I won't let anything happen to you." He said pitifully and why I feel like he let his guard off . As I catch him.

    "OK. I understand." I casually said.

    -- -- -- --

    For 2 days, I have to stay in the hospital. little bun and parent in laws came to visit. Little bun want to stay with me but I managed to pursue him to go home and rest.

    I pursue little bun but I can't make his father to leave. While I was in the hospital, Mr.Kim never leave my side. He stayed with me.

    On the first night of my stay in hospital I asked him, "Mr.Kim you can go home and rest. You might have work tomorrow?"

    Kim hae jin looked at me. His eyes were delightful he casually comments, "Why? Are you worried about me?"

    "Mnmm..... I don't want to be reason for your company loss." I said.

    "Oh.i thought Mrs.Kim finally started to think about Mr.Kim."He said with full of disappointment.

    I was going to said something but I think it's good to end the topic here. We might be fighting afterwards.