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    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 1 Chapter 42

    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 42 Lost In The Market

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    They got market without saying anything. Soojin went inside of market while kim hae jin was parking.

    The market was oldest and renowned in the town. People came to buy meat, fish, beans, etc so it always full of crowd.

    Soojin buy some meats, vegetables,beans and some herbs. She was about to finish her shopping and then she realized that she come with someone. Where is he? Where is kim hae jin?

    Soojin called him. "Mr. Kim? Where are you?"

    "I'm lost. I don't know where I am?" Kim hae jin complain. He went to park the car and It was first time to visit this kind of place. She was newbie for this.

    Soojin chuckled. "Where are you? Tell me i will come there."

    "I am before venting machines. There are some foods stall and... " He said

    "Ok i think i know where is it?"

    She hung up and make her way toward his direction. She struggled to carry bags. After a few walks she saw tall man who was wearing white shirt and blue jeans.

    "Here you are..... Mr. Kim" Soojin said

    "Mrs.Kim i am happy that you found me." He said.

    "Do you think I am happy? I think it was biggest mistake to come here with you. You're not helping me but increasing my work....."Soojin roared like hungry lioness.

    " let's eat something before continuing shopping."

    They try street food like sweet potatoes, pancake,roasted meat and eggs, etc. They had fun browsing foods.

    After filling their stomach they continued with shopping.

    Kim hae jin carry all the bags where soojin enjoy the view and shopping.

    They finished the shopping and went to the parking to get their Car.

    As they got near of parking, They saw crowd. Soojin find it interesting so she went to see. As she went near to crowds, she saw a man lying in the floor lying in pool of blood.She keep staring the man and blood.

    People were doing first aid. In no time ambulance came and got him inside the ambulance.

    The ambulance got away and there was no one to ses but soojin keep staring without blinking.

    Kim hae jin got the car and honk for twice but soojin didn't keep staring blankly. He got outside of car and call out "Soojin let's go."

    He slightly push her and soojin fell down. Soojin was lucky enough tonot fall down. Kim hae jin was fast enough to catch her.

    "Soojin.... Soojin" Kim hae jin got panicked after not getting answer from her. He carried her and put in co-pilot seats.