Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 1 Chapter 41

    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 41 So Called 'destiny'

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    kim hae jin drive to the Civil market. It was 45 minutes far away from the 'Dream garden'.


    Both of them were busy on their own thinking. Kim hae jin was happy to get alone time with his wife. He wanted her to talk with him but seeing her silent and ignoring him. He slightly feel bad. He want to poke her but he didn't.

    Soojin look out of the window. Her mind was blank and she didn't know how she ended up here. Soojin keep recalling her recent events. She just came back from America. She got name and fame as 'Youngest writer'.

    Her family always want her to inherit family business. She had completely master on business and talented on business. She can be successful as businessman but she does not want work like donkey in the office. She want live freely. Work whenever you want and skip whenever you need.

    Soojin success to get rid of family business tension but soon she get another headache that's called blind date and marriage. Her mother and grandmother keep forcing her to marry and as a result she ended up marrying him. The biggest Cold-hearted and pervert CEO kim.

    While thinking about her situation she only feel bad for herself. 'Ugh..... Maybe this called so called'Destiny ' but Can i really able get rid of him and live my life as I wish with someone i really wish.'