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    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 39 Meeting Kim Hae Jin Parents

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    After helping aunty sung in the kitchen, Soojin went garden to call little bun. He was painting.

    She went beside little bun and sit beside him. "Baby! What are you doing?" Soojin carefully said. She didn't want to startled him.

    Little bun look at his mother and smiled. His mom was the only one whom he want to see. Whenever little bun see his mother he feels secure and happy. From the childhood he was craving for motherly love."momma,I am drawing."

    "Oh. Can I see baby." Knowing that his mother want to see his picture little bun face burn in embarrassment. Little bun think that his drawing isn't good so, he never show other people. Now his momma want to see and he can't say no to her.

    Little bun shyly give her. Soojin was amazed after seeing the picture. There was a boy who was playing with a lady and far away his man was watching them.

    She blink her eyes in amaze before asking. "Baby Do you draw momma, Dadda and little bun?"

    Little bun look at his mother before nodding.

    Soojin pull little bun into her embrace before placing kiss on the face. "Baby You're amazing. Your drawing is beautiful."Soojin compliment heartily. She really liked it.

    Little bun was happy that his mother like his drawings.

    She took her mobile."Baby can I take pictures of your drawing so I can save it as screen photo. Please. Please. OK can I?" she asked permission before clicking.

    Little bun give small nod. He was curious if his drawings was that good or his mother wany to make him happy.

    Few centimeters away, Two people were watching them. They were happy to Mother son playing each other.

    Mother kim and father kim got there an hour early than expecting. They went nearby to little bun and soojin. "My little child." Mother kim exclaim.

    Both little bun and soojin turned around.

    Little bun run towards them and give them hi grandma a hug where soojin stood up and greet them.

    "Grandmother and Grandfather! How are you?" little bun said while hugging his grandmother.

    "Oh. My dear..... I miss you. Do you miss me?" Grandmother yong asked.

    "Yes i miss you and grandfather. Uh...little bun want you to introduce my momma. My momma is best momma in the world." Little bun said while looking at soojin. His eyes soften when he was introducing his mother to his grandparents.

    "Good afternoon Master kim and madam kim. I am yong soojin. Glad to meet you again." Soojin softly greet.

    "Nice to see you again."father kim said.

    " Child long time no see. Is your mother and grandmother? It has been a long time since we have met? Tell them to make some time so we can meet! "Mother kim said.

    "They are doing well and I will tell them to contact you." Soojin smile.

    After formality. They went inside. Housekeeper serve dinner. They did not wait for Kim hae jin because he already had call to inform that he had some important work to finish and he will be coming late.

    Soojin felt quite awful. He didn't know Kim family personally. She met them for twice or thrice in the party.

    Mother kim and mother yong was good friends. So she meets soojin more than father yong. And mother kim like soojin. She hope for their good future.