Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 1 Chapter 38

    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 38 Made Them To Bow

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    Soojin sneer at his flirtatious comment.

    She spent her whole day with little bun. They played, eat and walk around together.

    In this picture kim hae jin was missing. He had urgent meetings so he hurried to office.

    He tried to finish his work faster so he can be with his wife and son. - Maybe his wife only-

    As he was working in galaxy speed to complete the work. His phone ring. He looked at caller number before picking. "Hello"

    "Where are you?" The caller asked.

    "In the office,Why?"Kim hae jin said lazily as he wasn't willing to talk.

    "I miss little bun and I am on the way to your villa with your dad. We want to meet our daughter in law." Mother kim ended call.

    Kim hae jin sigh and dial number. He blankly stare his phone before calling the number.

    Soojin was busy playing with little bun and cute dogs. They were intrupt by sudden rings of phone. She run to pick up the phone from coffee table. "Hello. Who's this?"

    "It's me."

    "Uh... Me who? Can you tell me your name?" She said politely but inwardly cursing the person. First off all he disturb them and now he's playing'Tell me who I am?' Game. It wasn't like she's predictor or psychic?

    "Me? I am father of your child and husband of yours. Kim hae jin." He roared out.

    How come she didn't recognize his voice and phone number?

    It wasn't fully mistake of soojin. She didn't have hos number and she was too distracted to concentrate on the voice.

    Soojin cleared her voice before asking.

    " Uh.... Need something? "

    "Do i need to call when i need something?" Kim hae jin said seductively.

    Soojin tighten her grip before roaring,"Yeah. If not i am going to hung up."

    "No I do have something to say. My parents are coming to meet their daughter in law. and..." he pushed for awhile. "I want you to act like that."He wait for her to answer.

    " So you want to act like your wife and happily married? "He immediately agreed.

    " OK i understand. Now i am going to hung up. I am playing with little bun. Bye."

    After hung up. Soojin played with little bun for a while before helping him with clean up. As for Kim hae jin continues to work.

    Soojin help housekeeper sung to prepare food. Kim hae jin did not like people to serve him 24/7 so he only arrange three Butlers. One as little bun nanny and another two for doing house chores. Among them Auntie sun was the eldest and experience housekeeper.

    Auntie sung and cook ding come at 9am and work until 7pm while nany rinna come at 7am and work till little bun didn't sleep. But she doesn't have stay till night since soojin comes into household. She even don't have to work when little bun was in city A with soojin.

    After Master kim married with madam soojin there days went peaceful. They were grateful to get soojin as mistress. She was sensible person and She was polite more than their cold hearted master. She even took good care of little bun and little bun also like her. Nowadays he didn't throw tantrum which made them bow before soojin.