Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Before getting out of the room, soojin signed Kim hae jin to come with her.

    He gulped in fear. He knew that she won't let him go easily.

    The great arrogant CEO kim followed his wife with fear in his eyes. He don't mind if she beat him up or scream at him. All he was worried that she leave his house and him.

    "Man! What was that?" Soojin asked.

    "What?" Kim hae jin replied.

    "What were you doing?"

    "Sleeping" he said matter of fact.

    "Don't you have room? Why were you sleeping with us?" Soojin started to loose her temper. She already clear things between them and she did not know what he was thinking.

    "OK let me ask you. You don't know where is your room? Why are you sleeping in little bun room? " Kim hae jin finely study her reaction. She was both fl.u.s.tered and embarrassed. He loved the way of her reaction.

    "Uh... I don't want to share room with you. I want to ask you about staying in the guest room but you was busy and housekeeper already left so I decide to sleep in the little bun room." Soojin hesitate at first but she need to clear this now or never.

    "So you choose little bun?" He asked as he already knew her answer.

    "Isn't it obvious?" Soojin sout.

    "~sigh~But I am your husband. Your legal husband." He said pitifully.

    "I don't know whether legally or illegally but I really can't accept you as my husband. So I hope you can respect my dignity."She cruelly explain.

    Kim hae jin fell pain in his heart. He wanted to ask her medicine for his heart at least prescribe but he didn't want to argue over this." Ok then i will ask housekeeper to clean guests room beside little bun's room."

    "Um...thank you"

    "And more thing if you need anything you can ask..... No.... Order me any time. I will do as my wife order"