Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 1 Chapter 36

    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 36 Argue To Kill Him

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    KIm hae jin sigh inwardly.

    He sit in the edge of the bed. He cover little bun with blankets before kissing his forehead.

    The mother and son keep cuddling. He smiled on their cute act. It felt good to see your children happy and cheerful.

    Little bun used to be sad. He even unwilling to speak before he meet soojin. He used to speak only when necessary. Otherwise he keep maintaining silence. Now,

    when little bun's with soojin he keeps talking to her. He even act cute to gain her favor. Even today he got jealous because of dogs.

    After finding his son adorable. He looked at his wife who think that she can avoid interacting with him.

    He thought of carrying her to their room. So they can consume their marriage.'I knew that she won't work according to the script but i can forced her.' he smiled on his wicked idea.

    He actually didn't mind to ra**ing her but he fear that she will kill him afterwards. He also don't mind of dying but she will leave him forever.

    He give up idea of consuming marriage for now. He sleep beside her and then he separate soojin hand from little bun arm which was currently wrappings each other.

    He pulled soojin in his embrace and plant light kiss on her lips.

    He wanted to deep their kiss but afraid of waking her. He breath heavily to control his desire to eat her now.


    Soojin lazily swift her body to left side. She opened her eyes. She saw a cute bunny who was the cutest person in the world. She kissed his close eyes. She can't believe that he's her son. 'For now he is.'

    While looking at her cute son. She hear someone saying something. "Good morning wife. Do you sleep well?"

    Her body instantly got tense, She looked at the side from where the husky sounds was coming. "Why are you startled? Do you forget who i am? I am your dear husband."Kim hae jin jokingly said

    Soojin thought she was dreaming or hallucinating but she wasn't. Kim hae jin was sleeping beside him. She stare on disbelief.

    She had argue to beat him and sout at him but decided not to do. Because little bun was sleeping soundly.

    "Wife. I keep waiting you in our room but.... You was sleeping with my son." He pout his mouth as he was complaining her for cheating him.

    Soojin keep staring him. He was handsome and cute when he pout while complaining. She shake her head to kill her shitty idea. She got up from the bed and went outside of room