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    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 34 I Only Love You

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    After dramatic discussion,They went downstairs for dinner.

    Little bun was playing with Liz and Miz. Liz and miz was the pet of little bun. It was the dog of collie breeds. Little bun was tired of playing with them.

    After waiting for a long time. His parents came down for dinner.


    Liz and miz suddenly started to bark. They went next to soojin and started to sniff her scent.

    As first soojin was scared but after awhile she realized that they wasn't going to harm her. Liz and miz seemed to like her. Soojin bent down little. Slowly she stroke their head. The dogs lick her hands as if they already accept her as mother.

    "Liz and Miz come here! Momma is only little bun momma. Don't want to share with you."Little bun run into his mother embrace. He smirk to dogs as he is telling them who was the boss.

    Soojin laugh at his cute doing. She looked at dogs who were looking her pitifully.

    "Baby What's their name?"she asked after moving towards the cough.

    "The left one is liz and right one is miz."Little bun said while pointing them.

    "oh. They are cute." Soojin stroke their head.

    Little bun wiggle in her lap. He stare her with tearful eyes. "Momma Do you like them more than me? Don't you like little bun anymore?"

    Kim hae jin chuckled. He didn't see his son insecured and jealous before. He can't help to suppress his laugh. "How can you compare yourself with them? They are more loyal and cute than you?" He comment.

    His father word felt arrow in his heart. Little bun tear started to fall without his knowledge. Soojin feel heartache after seeing little bun tears. "Baby! Don't listen your dad! I love you. I only love you. Don't cry. it's hurt me seeing your tears. Your father is stupid. He doesn't what to say and what not to say?"

    Soojin threw deadly stare as he was going to protest. It was all his mistake. He made her son cry. - Son! - Soojin didn't have idea from when she started to see little bun as her son. She did not hesitate to say him son.

    "Really momma? You only love little bun?" Little bun stop to cry but he keeps sobbing.

    "Yes momma only love little bun."

    Little bun fell light heart after hearing his momma. He kissed her on cheek. Soojin also return his kiss. After a while,maid came to inform that dinner was ready. They peacefully finish dinner.

    Soojin help little bun to change into sleeping clothing. She told some stories and sing lorry before putting him sleep. She kissed his forehead before making her way to her room.