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    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 33 Marriage Contract Or Divorce Contract

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    "By the way why are you doing in my bed?" Soojin asked in husky voice.


    "What are you doing in my room?!?!" She grilled her teeth.

    "Sorry?!?!" kim hae jin pretend not to understand.

    "You should be. I mean you can't go to anyone room without permission. That's basic manner, Right?"Kim hae jin didn't say anything. He keep staring his lovely wife.

    " Hey I am asking you something. Why are you here?"Soojin boiled out.

    "My house " He keep looking soojin.

    "Let me correct my sentence. What are you doing in my room?"Soojin was loosing her temper. She want to choke him dead.

    "Let me also correct your sentence. This is our house, Our bedroom, our bed and you are my lawful wife." He clearly said that. He took care that he won't forget anything.

    "OK..... So you think I am going to fulfill my duties as your wife?" Soojin sneer.

    "You don't have any other choice." He clearly said with warning voice.

    Soojin got up and brought the papers. "I thought of giving this after a while but I changed my mind. Sign it."

    Kim hae jin eyes darken. He knew that what was it?He scold himself. 'Why did I poke this mad woman?' He carefully read clues. He started to laugh loudly.

    ~point of contract~

    1) Client a and b have their personal life.Noone could interfere in each other life {a-Yong soojin b-Kim hae jin}

    2)There won't be any s.e.x.u.a.l relationsh.i.p.s. If any client force another one. At that time there would be punishment.

    3)Party A promise to take care of party B child little bun. In exchange party B should pretend happily married in front of party A family.

    4)They would divorce after 2 Years and after divorce they won't contact each other.

    5)If anyone breeze the contract they will divorce at that time and needs to pay 40% of their assets.

    "You think i would sign?" Kim hae jin said.

    Soojin move her as she was saying that he would. Kim hae jin laughed"Why do you think i would? Do you think I am insane? "

    Soojin lazily walk toward the table and took another paper from her bag." Do you think i can't divorce you now?"

    Kim hae jin smile and look at divorce papers." I know you can but what would you do with your family? "

    " My family? I will try to convince them if not i am ready to end my relationship with them.

    And you know that I don't need any will from yong. I can feed myself well."Hearing her saying that she would ditch her family. Kim hae jin knew that she would do if needed.

    If she made mind to ditch her family then why she made contract. She wanted to give chance to their relationship?

    "Why after 2 years and special reasons?" He wanted to beat his own mouth. He sounded like he was eager to divorce soojin.

    "Oh.... I want to spend more time with little bun." Soojin smile when she thinks of little one. He want so cute and she didn't know why but she feels strange bond with him.

    "Oh!" Kim hae jin think for a while before signing the contract. He was fully against of signing stupid contract like this but while thinking carefully it wasn't bad actually. He can win het heart in 2 Years and if he didn't sign this contract he might have to sign divorce.