Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 1 Chapter 32

    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 32 Not My Fault

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    Soojin was tried of mind work so she decided to take a nap.She slept through all afternoon. She felt like someone was behind her. Soojin turned over.

    She saw a man who was sleeping soundly. It was the first time to see him from near. He wasn't bad. He was quite handsome and he didn't seem to dangerous.

    "Do you think I am handsome?" The sudden voice starled her.

    ~Before some hours~

    After scolding his unfilla child. Kim hae jin went to his room. He saw a beautiful woman who was sleeping like a pig. She didn't care about the look. She wasn't like a well-mannered lady. No one could say that she belong to high level family.

    Kim hae jin didn't care about Such nonsense. He thought that she was cute and wanted to eat her as dessert. He went near and lie down beside her. He stole a kiss from soojin. Kim hae jin feel excited from that and he kissed her on the lips.

    Kim hae jin was happy after 5 more kisses. He wanted to seek more but he was feared that she would get angry and scold him. He pulled soojin in his arm and locked in his embrace.

    He was tired so he fell into sleep. He was into deep sleep but he felt like someone was moving. After some disturbance he was awake but he decide not to open his eyes.

    Soojin tired to freed herself for his arm but she failed. "Soojin where are you going?!?!? Let me sleep for some more. I am extremely tired."

    As he said he wrap her tightly in her embrace. Soojin feel uncomfortable. "Let me go!"

    Soojin tired to get rid of him but his grip was tighten. She tried to use strength but he was much more stronger than her. Her temperature increases rapidly. she kick him out.

    Her kick wasn't stronger but it doesn't matter. Where she kick it does. She kicked in his little brother. Kim hae jin growl in pain.

    Soojin find a good chance to run. While she tired to run someone grip her arm and pull down. Kim hae jin climb on her body. Under his body soojin felt helpless.

    Kim hae jin looked her both arm with his one arm and put upside off. Soojin want to say something but it was impossible. He was seizing her chin. She suddenly start to fear. Her heart was trembling crazily.

    "Please...." Her sentence stop in her throat.

    Kim hae jin kissed on lip. It wasn't deep kiss but not even peek. "My wife, You want to distroy the source of your happiness."

    Soojin blinked. After some time she understood what he meant. She felt guilty and angry."It wasn't my intention. I was just trying to get up and you were not letting."

    "Uh...but it still pains." Kim hae jin rool beside her but he did not let her go.

    "It's not my fault if your little brother is unhealthy. You should do more exercise and eat healthy." Soojin said half joking and half seriously.

    Kim hae jin choke after hearing. This woman really understaing strength of his little brother. He wanted to show her strength of his little brother but decided not to. If he did so she might hate him more.