Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 1 Chapter 31

    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 31 She Was At A Loss

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    The situation got awkward. Soojin just continue to eat where kim hae jin keep standing and looking helplessly.

    The awkwardness broke when little bun asked Kim hae jin to join breakfast with them, "Dad! Let's eat together. Mom cooking is really good."

    Kim hae jin really felt grateful to God for giving such a helpful and understanding son. His son was really helping him to get soojin. Little bun was helping intentionally and unintentionally.

    As he sit in the chair and start to eat Food Anyone could see the sparking light in his eyes. It was like milky-way galaxy. He was really starisfied and happy to eat pancakes. It wasn't that Kim hae jin never got tasty food to eat but it was made by soojin.

    He did not know that the food was good or the person who made it. He wanted to compliment but seeing her sour face he decided not to poke her.

    After the dead full breakfast. Soojin was busy with dishes meanwhile the father-son was talking in the hall. Sometimes they peek at the way to Soojin. They want to help her in fact they offered to help her but soojin reject their offer.

    Just after soojin finished her work and made her way to hall.The housekeeper enter the room. Housekeepers greet them,"Good morning Young Master, Little Master and Young madam." The head of the housekeeper said. She must be in her 50s.

    Soojin slightly nod. She keep her long face. Soojin wasn't person who intentionally disrespect other but she wasn't interested in Kim hae jin of his housekeeper. She was there to leave little bun and ask Kim hae jin to sign papers.

    "This is head housekeeper sung. You can ask anything you want. She will show your room." Kim hae jin cooly said.

    "Glad to meet you young Madam." she greet soojin.

    Soojin didn't say anything, She just went to her room with housekeeper. After showing her room, The housekeeper excused himself. Soojin sit in the bed and breathe heavily.

    She literally did not have any plans to deal with Kim hae jin. She indeed made that contract but she was sure that shameless man won't sign it. She saw the new label of shameless on him before marriage. But she was at loss she didn't have any way to deal with this mess.