Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 1 Chapter 29

    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 29 Waiting For Her

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    Kim hae jin was excited to see his wife. He didn't stay calm from the time when he heard that she was coming to the country B.

    He was desperate to meet soojin. He did not sleep for the moment. He keep nagging to housekeeper to clean house, made tasty food and buy every she needed.

    It was unlike him. The cold CEO for whom everyone wait was waiting for a girl.It was beyond expectations. Seriously love make people helpless and brainless.

    ~Early morning~

    They got landed before expection. It was 5 am when they got out of the airport. There was no one to fetch them to the airport.

    "Baby, I think they got wrong time. Do you know adress?!?!? So we can get their by ourself." Soojin asked the child incase he know the address.

    The child nod negatively. He felt ashamed because he cannot help help. Soojin said that it was okay. Soojin told him not to worry. She will find to get their. She called her assistant to search Kim hae jin villa.

    They were sitting in the bench for 10 minutes. It would be easy if she knew the number of Kim hae jin so she could ask him that where did he live?


    Her assistant sent the address of Kim hae jin villa. She didn't waste time. She hitch the ride and went for villa with little bun in her arm.

    ~Kim villa II~

    Kim villa-II wasn't far from the airport. They got in an hour. The gaurd stop the taxi outside of the villa.

    One of the gaurd knock the window of taxi and said, "You can't go inside."

    The little boy pops his head from the window, "Uncle why are you stopping my mom and me from entering?"

    Both of the guards was stunned. They did not have idea that little Master was with her. 'Little Master called her mom and that meant she is our young madam. Wife of CEO Kim?'

    They bow in front of soojin and let them enter. Both guards were feared. "If the little Master and the young madam complain to the young master about us..." one of the guards said to another.

    "Let's pack our bag bro.... ~sob~"