Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 1 Chapter 27

    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 27 Afraid To Death

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    Kim hae jin looked outside of windows. He sigh helplessly. His new wead wife look him as rich bastard and his son ditch him for his new mom.

    Kim hae jin phone rang when he was cruising the situation. He picked up the call.

    "Hm....marriage contract?!?!?!?!.... OK I understand." Kim hae jin face got darked when he found that soojin made marriage contract and divorce papers.

    The temperature of the car descrise suddenly. The driver and his assistant Lee suk was afaird to death.

    'The day after CEO Kim went date with young madam soojin. It was hard to predict his mood. He always angry and fl.u.s.tered. It's not good for small people like us.'Lee suk feel like his last day was going to come end.

    On the other hand Kim hae jin was looking for an opportunity to win soojin heart. He really don't have any ideas to win over soojin.

    ~Yong villa~

    "Soojin! You're back!"Grandfather sign her come sit beside him.

    Everyone was sitting in the garden and enjoying their tea. Father and grandfather yong were busy talking to business where mother and grandmother yong were talking about charity.

    "mhmm..." Soojin look around. There wasn't any trace of her forced new husband and cute little bun. Soojin somehow disappointed. She didn't know why? Maybe because she wanted to spend time with little bun.

    Soojin was lost in her thoughts when someone run toward her screaming. "Mother.....mommy"

    Soojin look at the direction from the voice come. She was both happy and confused. She was happy to see him but wasn't he supposed to leave with Kim hae jin. By the way where is he?!?!?!?

    Soojin mind wasn't working properly. She keep staring the child. "Mommy are you not happy to see me?"

    Soojin decide to throw worries for now. She smiled and said, "I am really happy to see you. It's just that I thought you were going to city B with your dad."

    "Really mommy? Than hug me!" little bun pout his mouth and raise his hands toward soojin to carry him.

    Soojin laugh and carry him. She kissed him and stroke his brown hair which was similar to his father. "Weren't you supposed to return with your dad? By the way where is your dad?"

    "He has some work so he needs to return today. Little bun want to stay with you so I told Kim hae jin that you will take care of little bun and bring little bun while you go to city-B, Won't you?"