Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
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    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 1 Chapter 26

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    Soojin didn't say anything more. She left for park Jae In house.

    Kim hae jin also excused himself. He went up and wake little bun.

    "Little bun! Wake up and we are going to city A." little bun slowly open his eyes. He look at his father with twinkle eyes.

    "Where is mother? She isn't coming with us?"

    "No" Kim hae jin helped his son to change dress.They went downstairs.

    "You're leaving?" Grandfather yong said in low voice.

    "Yes Grandfather yong." Little bun freed his hand from father and run toward the grandfather yong.

    "Great Grandfather, I don't want to go. I can stay here with mom." Little bin said cutely. Little bun was packed of cuteness but when he want something than cuteness overflow.

    "No, you can't disturb other. Mother will join after some time." Kim hae jin coldly roared.

    Little bun didn't break eye contact with Grandfather yong. His eyes were sparking like star.

    "Let him stay. He can join you with soojin later."Grandfather yong said Kim hae jin.

    Kim hae jin couldn't object elder order. He bid farewell to yong and his brat son.

    ~park Jae In hpuse~

    Park Jae In was waiting outside. They greet each other and went inside.

    " Now tell me what happened and what you want me do."

    Soojin tell her all information and tell her that she didn't want to be in this relationship but she don't have any other choice. So, she want her to make contact papers as she want.

    "That's why I need you to make paper according to my condition." Soojin cooly said.

    "I will tell my assistant to make paper ready but are you sure you want to divorce after a year?" Soojin didn't understand why she was doubting.

    "There is no place of negotiation." Soojin really don't have idea what her lawyer was thinking.

    "What if you fall in love?" Lawyer park slowly said. She made sure that she wasn't angry.

    Soojin silently sneered at her friend. Seriously she read romantic stories all the time. "I know you are influenced by the romantic novel and drama but reality is vast different than your imagination stories. Grow up girl."

    "By the way you are writer who writes things while imaging."Park Jae In pout like pig.

    Soojin laugh at her friend. Soojin indeed famous for her novel but that doesn't mean she didn't live In reality.

    " uh..... I really like your new novel. When will you publish it's second part. "Park Jae In was the fan of soojin novels. She almost read her all the books.

    " Very soon. " They talked nonsense for a while before soojin left for yong villa. She didn't want to return but her grandfather asked her to return home.