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    Soojin look at her father with suspense. After awhile she decided to hear him first and then decide to do next.

    "Dad! How?!?!?!!!?!!?"

    Father yong took long sigh before starting, "Look, Your mother is serious about this marriage and she can do anything to stop taking divorce with kim hae jin. You only have to two ways. First divorce him and end relationship with your family. That I won't let you do or second do as your mother said. "

    Soojin look at her father with disbelief. She wasn't able to know which side he was? It seems that he wasn't helping her but her mother.

    " But I have 3rd way. You can sign marriage contract with him for a year. Just pretend to be happy in front of your mom and After a year you can decide whether to continue this marriage or divorce. If you still want to divorce the we can prepare a show in front of family. Just remember one thing whatever your decision I am with you but just think about third option and let me know. "Father yong leave the room. He left soojin in thoughts.

    It was fact that her family won't let her go easily. She don't want to hurt her family and can't think about loving anyone.

    'Contract marriage?!?!? Not bad idea but will that pervert will be sign. I really don't think.'

    Soojin took her phone and dialed her lawyer.

    "Hey! What can I do for you?"

    Park Jae In was the legal advisor of soojin. She was the best lawyer in the country.

    "I want to make marriage contract and divorce papers.Is it possible? " Soojin said.

    "Yes but for whom? Why?" Park Jae In was confused. It wasn't first time when people made marriage contract and divorce papers but it was weird to hear from soojin.

    "Are you free? Let's meet up and I will talk to you." Soojin don't want to clarify in the call.

    "OK! Come to my house. I am free today."


    After the phone call. Soojin change her choth and leave her room.

    "Sister Where are you going?" Yong min was sitting in the hall with family. Soojin wonder if he don't have any work. All he do is timepass.

    "Going to hell. Wanna come?" Soojin said in husky tone. She decided to continue what she was doing?

    "Soojin!" Not long before she was going to pass the hall. Someone call her name. She looked back. It was non other than her so called husband.

    "Do you have something to say Mr. Kim? If not I have some work to do."

    Kim hae jin looked at her. He really don't know what to say? Mother yong walked toward the couple.

    "Son in law is going to city A and he want you to accompany with him." Mother yong voice was small but full of warning. If she wasn't asking soojin but ordering around.

    "So.... You want me to go? seriously?" Soojin sneered in desbeilf. Soojin took deep breath before saying something.

    "Mr.Kim I am busy with work so I don't think I can accompany you to the city A." Soojin look at her mom who was glaring her as if she knew that what she was doing. Soojin gulp her saliva before continuing "It was quite sudden so I didn't prepare anything so how about you and little bun go first and I will join you after I manage my work."

    Kim hae jin looked at her if he know that what she want to do. All he can do is nod in agreement. Mother yong was also stunn. 'That means she agree to give chance for her marriage?'